Nintendo Direct: Dragalia Lost Release Date


Today, one of Nintendo’s Direct Broadcasts has been announced and this time, it’s neither the 3DS or the Switch.

It seems likely that the mobile game of Cygames (Dragalia Lost) which is expected to be released soon will be directly published by Nintendo themselves.

About the Broadcast

The broadcast will start tomorrow, that is the 29th of August by 8:30 pm PDT.

Release Dates

One interesting thing about this is the fact that the game shall be launched in the US with Japan, Taiwan, Hog Kong and Macao on the 27th of September and no information however regarding the release dates in the Europe have been provided.

About the Game

The game will be an Action Role Playing Game (ARPG) or more precisely, a JRPG. And it is expected to be quite interesting to the general gamer considering the descent and ancestry of the game which proves to be of likewise nature. The game is available on iOS and the Android platform

About Cygames

Cygames is a developer based in Tokyo and has developed a good collection of games such as Rage of Bahamut, Granblue Fantasy, Shadowverse, Uma Musume Pretty Derby, Princess Connect!, Lost Order etc.


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