Nikon Launched its First Mirrorless Camera

Nikon Revealed its First Mirrorless Camera

Yes, Nikon is unveiling its unique product through great fanfare and media attention. It is going to launch a full frame mirrorless camera.

In pursuit of light

Nikon revealed its teaser video to create the buzz of mirrorless cams. The news got so heated due to a larger campaign with the name of “In Pursuit of Light”.

Nikon Rumors

The official announcement has not yet happened. But, it will be made in the upcoming days. At this time, it is getting spread among the people that the production facilities of Nikon may be unable to fulfill extra demand.

Nikon will charge competitive pricing to the people. 25-megapixel will be $2400, and 48-megapixel will be $4000 with its lens kit. But this product will surprise the people by unveiling the novel period of photography.


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