Rage 2: Release Date, Gameplay, Weapons, Levels, Enemies, Premise and More

Rage 2 release date

According to Tim Willits who spoke in the QuakeCon, Rage 2 will feature a social component. The gamers should not expect it to be a typical multiplayer game. He also added that the developers know how important it’s to connect with other gamers.

Rage 2 will take place thirty years after the first edition. It takes place when the world is heaping from the Apollyon asteroid’s impact. There are new areas and new towns appearing. Your character flees due to an attack by mutants. These mutants belong to the “Authority,” which is an army of technologically advanced mutants. Your character is alone in a science facility. There he will bring down a satellite on the ground. By bringing down the satellite, your character will gain superhuman powers. These powers are known as “Shatter.”

This time around the player will face a variety of enemies. An earlier version of the game only had bandits, mutants or the Authority people. In this new addition, your character will have to face mutants, Authority troops and also bandits from various groups. Each of these groups of bandits will have a different way of fighting. You’ll enjoy the game as they will use stealth bulletproof shields, cloaking devices etc.

The game will release in the next year, i.e., June 2019. Till then, there may be more changes to the game.

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