Netflix And BBC Confirmed The Release Of The Last Kingdom Season 3

The Last Kingdom Season 3

Yes, Netflix and BBC have defied all the rumors swirling around about the end of the series The Last Kingdom after season 2. The co-producer Netflix has joined BBC for production of The Last Kingdom season 3 and has confirmed its worldwide release later this year. Alexander Dreymon aka Uhtred took to Twitter to make the official announcement of the season 3 release and to the delight of Netflix users, season 2 will soon be airing on Netflix along with season 1.

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This show is probably filling the void for Game Of Thrones fans. The show is based upon “The Saxon Stories”, written by Bernard Cornwell. The show looks like Game of Thrones as the theme is the same.

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It covers the era of 872 BC when the Danes invaded the northern kingdom of Saxons of England. The battle resulted in the death of King Saxon, father of Young Uhtred. Earl Ragnar, who led Dane’s army, took Young Uhtred and Brida to his house as slaves growing up with Ragnar’s kids Thyra and Young Ragnar. The story revolves around Young Uhtred who is all set to avenge his forefather’s death and take back his ancestral land in Bebbangburg.

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As we all are waiting for the release of Game of Thrones season 8, which is scheduled to be released in 2019, The Last Kingdom is filling the void of some swordplay, drama and fight for kingdoms, etc. by releasing the third season later this year. The author Bernard Cornwell who is also a contemporary of Game of Throne’s author George R.R. Martin has completed 10 volumes of The Saxon Stories and is in the mood to write more. All the fans are excited to see the valor spirit of Young Uhtred.

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