‘My Hero Academia’ Is All Set To Broadcast Its 60th Episode

‘My Hero Academia' Is All Set To Broadcast Its 60th Episode

Who would have imagined that Kohei Horikoshi’s imagination will turn into such a big hit in the anime genre and will reach the success height of 60th episode? Entertaining their audience with a quality content since 2014, the show is featured on Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump and had gotten a license by Viz Media for the English version of the show.

The protagonist of the story, Izuku Midoriya, is born into a world where every person has some special superpowers except him. But instead of whining over his luck, he’s determined to learn those powers from the prestigious school. His mentor is the world’s profound hero, All Might. Learning under his guidance and all the adventures that follow in Izuku’s life make the ‘My Hero Academia’ one of the most popular anime of our time.

Major Changes Made In Characters For 60th Episode

As the 60th episode went live, we saw that Ochaco who is having feelings for Izuku gets jealous when she saw him with Camie. But being a goal-oriented girl, she decides not to bring her feelings in between her goals. She’s inspired by Deku, who’s just committed to his goal of becoming a pro-superhero and has left all such love-stuff behind. She has made a bold choice to choose her goals over her love and all the audience are appreciating her choice because this was the last thing they had expected from Ochaco. On the contrary, when Shonen manga, the most popular female lead of the show chose her love over her goals, she got tons of critiques from her fans. So, when Ochaco’s making a bold move, her decisions are praised by all and which may lead to an increase in the number of her fans.


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