My Hero Academia Chapter 210 Official Spoilers Are Out Now

My Hero Academia Chapter 210 will be officially released this week. However, the official spoilers from this chapter are out now.

And if you are on the list of the fans for this anime, then you might be curious about the next story of My Hero Academia. Well, don’t worry, here are some official spoilers from chapter 210 for you to check out below:

The arc has become interesting in the last few chapters, and just as we expected, something is up with Midoriya’s quirk.

Monoma mocks Deku about Bakugo ending All Might. Gran Torino calls All Might while mentioned Nana seeing a man covered in black in her dream who tells her that it’s not yet the right time. Meanwhile, a leaking black stuff coming from Deku’s hand destroys his equipment as he tries to use All for One.

My Hero Academia Chapter 210 is officially scheduled to launch on December 17, and for the digital scans will be launched today, December 14.


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