New York City Murder of Nurse – Man Who Accused Murder Might Be Connected To 6 Other Slaying

Man accused of murdering New York City

A man captured for the murder of a nurse of Queens, New York and involved in the assault of a Brooklyn lady, might be associated with six more killings.

Date of death:

Danueal Drayton, 27, of New Haven, Connecticut, was blamed for killing Samantha Stewart last week. On July 17 Stewart, a nurse was found dead inside her Queens living residence.

When and where he is arrested:

On 24 July he was captured in an apartment of California regarding the murder of Samantha Stewart. At the point when Drayton was captured he had a lady with him, clearly going to be his next accident. He had tied her up, assaulted, and beat her.

Connected DNA:

To 17 June DNA at that point associated the Connecticut man to the June 17 assault of a 23-year-old Brooklyn lady, as indicated by the New York Daily News. Presently experts are saying Drayton may be in charge of six different killings.

Admitted his Fault:

Drayton admitted to a “couple of killings” in Connecticut in addition to “single slayings” in Island’s Suffolk County and the Bronx, the everyday Information detailed. He moreover asserted he killed a person in Lengthy Island’s Nassau County or Queens. It was not in a flash clear on the off chance that he committed the killings.

According to the Police Department:

“I trust that there will be more victims,” New York City Police Department Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea said this at a press conference.

According to CBS New York:

CBS New York detailed that Drayton had additionally been captured five times in Connecticut, including one capture for an affirmed strangulation in 2011. Police believe Drayton utilized the dating site Tinder and in addition other social media to meet the forthcoming victim.

Photo: New York Police Department via AP


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