Motorola: Moto Z3 Play vs. Moto Z3, Performance, Camera, Design, Display and More

Motorola: Moto Z3 Play vs. Moto Z3, Performance, Camera, Design

The new Motorola Z3 is here. It has some amazing specs and features. You will also find that Motorola also has the new Motorola Z3 Play with a few similar features but a different price tag. So, does the Z3 beat the Z3 play or it’s the other way round? Here we will put these two phones and review their specs to see which is better for you.


The Motorola Z3 has the Snapdragon 835. It’s a bowlful chip. You will find that the Motorola Z3 Play has The Snapdragon 636. So, there is a huge difference. The RAM and storage of both phones are the same 4 GB and 64 GB, respectively. Z3 wins in the performance department.


Both the phones have a 6-inch display. Both the devices come with fingerprint sensors and have curvy edges. The durability may not be good on both phones as neither of them is waterproof or splash proof. So you may want to get a durable cover for both. So, it’s a draw when it comes to design.


The Z3 has two 12 MP sensors on the back. The Moto Z3 Play has, however, one 12 MP and the other 5 MP sensor. Also, the aperture of Z3 is 2.0, and the Z3 play has 1.7. So, when it comes to the camera Z3 is a better choice.


Both have a Super AMOLED display. The resolution and the aspect ratio on the phones are also the same. The display is also a tie.


An extra feature of the Z3 which is not in the Z3 Play is that you can upgrade it to 5G. Whereas, you cannot do the same for Z3 Play.

By comparing the phones now you know that the Motorola Z3 is the better choice but for a bigger price too.


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