Most Popular Puzzle Dating Game HuniePop 2 Delayed

Most Popular Puzzle Dating Game HuniePop 2 Delayed

HuniePot studio who released a new video, with the detail information of the upcoming game of the puzzle dating known as HuniePop 2.

In this, they have revealed important information about the game.

First of all, the Lola Rembrite and Jessie who are the main characters are returning from the first game. Lola is now an entrepreneur who is the owner of an apparel company. She still works part-time with an airline to meet clients as well as customers all over the world.

After watching this video you will realize that it’s a direct sequel to the first game. Not only will the events take place two years after the first game but also the protagonist will be the same character.

However, there is a new location in the game, it’s converted from an old college town to the tropical island in De Poona as well as its resort. You will also get a lot of new and entertaining features.

It’s now confirmed that the game has been delayed until 2019. This video will also provide you with more information on interaction, story and a new gameplay system in the future.

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