Monster Hunter World Set for A New Title Update, Deviljho Addition To The Game Confirmed With New Weapons and Armor

Monster Hunter World

Fans of Monster Hunter World, get ready for a massive new title update for the game. The developer Capcom has announced that the update will be available on PC on 6th September 2018. In addition, the new update will add Deviljho to the game along with several new weapons and armors.

After assuming the role of Deviljho, hunters will now be able to put the new weapons and armor to use. They will now be able to complete his Hunt Quest.

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Patch notes for the update are also released by Capcom. As the new patch notes suggest, several major additions are coming your way. Some related bug fixes are also applied for better game-play experience. As for major additions, players will now be treated to new monster Deviljho including all his weapons and armor.

After the players investigate for Rathian in the main story, Deviljho will be able to compete for 6 and 7-star quests accordingly along with other high ranking expeditions. Furthermore, Dragonproof Mantle is also now available in the game. Along which comes a new costume called the Handler: Astra 3 Star Chef Coat. It’s part of the DLC.

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The bug fixes include several tweaks including a fix to connection issues, the processing slow down issue, and several issues with Poogie name and exit from the menu. Similarly, the issues with bounty information are resolved. Issues with Arabic are also now resolved in the new Monster Hunter World update.

For all the hunters waiting eagerly for this update, it’s going to be available on all major gaming platforms from today. On PC, PS4 and Xbox One, the update will launch at the same time.

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As the patch-notes are already out, players can have a detailed look at what the new update has brought in for the game. As soon as more information gets out, we’ll let you know about it. Keep in touch.

Check out the full patch notes for the latest Monster Hunter World update here.

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