Monster Hunter: World Custom Quest Editor is Now Available, New Mod Allows Players To Create Their Own Quests

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter: World on PC is on a continuous ride to become better every day. It literally seems that the game is already complete as it offers a diverse and fulfilling experience of action and RPG elements.

As well as the developers, a good part of improvements comes from the independent modders who keep on introducing new things in the game every now and then. The recent feature, the Quest Editor is also the result of such contribution by some modders.

According to the latest, Monster Hunter: World has recently received a new mod that allows players to edit or completely make a new quest. Players can now have a custom quest editor that lets them create their own quests. So far, no issues have been reported about this new quest editor mod. So, it’s pretty safe to use in the game.

According to the information provided with the mod, the new Quest Editor mod is offered via the Monster Hunter: World Modding Discord. The new quest editor also offers a help section for all those who don’t know how to work it out. This help section also lets the players design and create their own likable new quests.

In addition, with the mod, comes a whole new set of rules, terms, and conditions. There are some unstable conditions as well, that if you avoid, you won’t have any problems running it. Moreover, a full credit section is also listed with the mod. There all the players can see the names of the developers and researchers.

Fans who want to help the modders or are interested in modding can contact the modding discord and become part of their team. The developers have requested all the players or mod users to comply with the terms and conditions. Keep in mind that if you want to use this mod, you’ll need a full dump of the game with a valid source specifically for the .mib files.

If you’re a Monster Hunter: World fan and you like to play with mods, do let us know about your experience with this new Quest Editor mod.

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