MobileGo has announced New Roadmap Project for Future of Blockchain Gaming


MobileGo, a blockchain convention for gamers, has declared the arrival of its most recent venture guide. It has separated its past and future history into three key stages as it accepts another time of its local MGO token and computerized gaming.

All remarkable achievements from the Runescape period have been inspected, with all leftover goals on target for consummation as the group gets ready to move into the ‘Primary Person Era’. Following the finish of the ‘Primary Person Era’, it will go into the ‘Open World’ the phase of the Roadmap where MGO will open up its engineer pack, boost open source project advancement, and build up the essential associations with media, innovation, and gaming partners.

STAGE 1: Runescape Era

As the gaming environment keeps on offering more ‘pay-to-play’ usefulness, having clients share Visa data, load reserves onto a record, and deal with the inflows and outpourings of assets from a financial balance to a gaming account is staggeringly dreary. By going about as a one-stop-answer for all in-game installment and utility requirements, MGO is rethinking how individuals purchase, offer, and trade esteem when playing their #1 computer games.

As one of the most grounded advanced resources that was acquainted with the market in 2017, MobileGo has a rich history. Presently as VR and expert gaming is starting more customer interest in the gaming area than any time in recent memory, MGO is set to turn into the main thrust in this new gaming field.

  • Q1 2017: Technical Milestone, Launching MGO ERC20
  • Q2 2017: Technical Milestone, Launching Metamask
  • Q4 2017: Launching Metamask Complete decentralized virtual gamer commercial center
  • Q1 2018: Complete joining of decentralized gamer matches and decentralized gamer competitions
  • Q4 2018: Partnership Milestone,¬†Partnered with Xsolla, the biggest installment supplier for the gaming business
  • Q2 2020: Partner with GDA Ventures to rebuild the MGO blockchain and assume the position of authority of working out of worldwide MobileGo biological system
  • Q3-Q4 2020: Full mechanical review drove by outsider inspecting firm. Guaranteeing all MGO codebase is in the know regarding most recent convention enhancements.
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STAGE 2: First Person Era

This is the start of the new MGO environment. Being the result of a joint activity with GDA Ventures and MGO, the principal individual stage addresses another period of decentralized gaming utilities. After stage 1 is finished and the specialized underpinnings of the undertaking are sound, the group will revamp MGO’s endeavor association organization, so clients are a piece of an environment that incorporates training and mindfulness, games and game studio organizations, crypto wallets, and other execution accomplices to make as finish of a client experience as could really be expected.

First Person Era: Global Community Development Roadmap

Q2 2021: Stakeholder Membership Program Kickoff: The partner enrollment program is the authority the opening shot of MGO reconnecting with pertinent blockchain, gaming, and media partners. Since the undertaking has another guide and hierarchical destinations, we will expand on this force and welcome new endeavor and corporate partners to support the MGO biological system.

  • Q2 2021: Partnership Milestone 1: Integration into wallet #1
  • Q2 2021: Partnership Milestone 2: Integration into wallet #2
  • Q3 2021: Partnership Milestone 3: Integration into wallet #3
  • Q3 2021: Partnership Milestone 4: Partnership with important blockchain/gaming/media partners
  • Q4 2021 Partnership Milestone 5: Partnership with significant blockchain/gaming/media partners
  • Q4 2021 Liquidity Event (CEX or DEX Listing)

STAGE 3: Open-world Era

Zeroing in on development and business reception, this stage addresses the advancement of MobileGo, from humble beginnings as a distributed task, to a solid decentralized local area loaded up with gamers, designers, and gaming studios everywhere on the world. It will introduce another time of utility for MGO, where clients can make in-game buys with MGO, just as purchase games from the MGO commercial center and from outsider merchants.

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Open World Era: Integration Roadmap

Games and game-related administrations from the MGO participation program will add MGO to their current help foundation, making more entrances and use cases for the MGO Token.

  • Q1 2022: Developer Grant Program: The engineer award program will boost new designers to join the MGO environment. By offering MGO awards, the MGO group will drive significant organization headway by urging engineers to fabricate their decentralized gaming items utilizing MGO.
  • Q1 2022: Partnership Milestone 1: Integrate MGO installment and coin utility into MGO game properties.
  • Q1 2022: Partnership Milestone 2: MGO becomes official media accomplice for gaming/blockchain centered news sources.
  • Q1 2022: Partnership Milestone 3: Integrate MGO installment and coin utility into extra game properties.
  • Q1 2022: Partnership Milestone 4: Add MGO as official media accomplice for gaming/blockchain centered news sources.
  • Q1 2022: Partnership Milestone 5: Integrate MGO installment and coin utility into extra game properties.
  • Q2 2022: Developer Grant Program Milestone: First 100 designers have joined the MGO engineer award program

About MobileGo

MobileGo is an open source blockchain convention worked to help gamers, gaming studios, and some other partners associated with the esports and gaming industry. Based on Ethereum, MobileGO functions as a novel installment instrument that can be bought on top digital currency trades and is viable with notable crypto wallets.

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