Mobile Legends Tier List

Mobile Legends Tier List

This Mobile Legends level rundown will give you the best outline of the best saints in Mobile Legends. Pick these legends and dominate more matches by utilizing the meta.

With more than 70 million month to month players, Mobile Legends (ML) has its spot as one of the most well known versatile games to date. The multiplayer online fight field (MOBA) game has a strong person count of 103 legends, each with its own move set and playstyle. With so many legends to look over, it tends to be overwhelming to sort out which ones to keep as your fundamental. The way that most legends should be opened utilizing in-game money additionally adds to the tension of dominating the right saint rapidly. To offer a little relief from this issue, we’ve assembled an authoritative positioning of all Mobile Legends saints. This rundown positions the legends as indicated by their solidarity, utility, and adequacy in group battles. With this rundown as your aide, you’re en route to turning into the best ML player you can be.

Mobile Legends: Bang has recently wrapped up with Season 21 continuing on to Season 22. With such a huge and steady player base that is proceeding to develop, ML makes certain to be one of the most famous MOBAs for quite a while. In any case, for this season, we should look at the Mobile Legends Hero Tier list for the continuous Season 22, for October 2021, which would assist players with understanding the ebb and flow meta giving them the additional edge while positioning up after the position reset.

How’s the Mobile Legends level rundown looking nowadays? Presently in its fifth year, Mobile Legends has amassed a personal list of more than 100 novel brawlers for players to look over. The swelled determination goes far to guaranteeing every 12 brief matches is novel. In any case, similar to some other cutthroat game out there, a meta, in the long run, arises, pushing a few characters to the close to worthless. In case that is the manner by which you feel about your fundamental, set out to find out about our Mobile Legends level rundown down beneath. You may very well track down another way up the positioned stepping stool.

However, before we dive into the better subtleties, ponder looking at a portion of our other inside and out level records. In case you’re into Punishing: Gray Raven, KonoSuba: Fantastic Days, Nier Reincarnation, or much one more MOBA like League of Legends: Wild Rift or Pokémon Unite, we have an extensive level rundown center point you may get some utilization out of. What’s more, if Genshin Impact is your thing outside of Mobile Legends, we have some unimaginably definite form directs also.


Saints in this level are viewed as overwhelmed and should picks/restricted for any cutthroat match. They have the devices to dominate without help from anyone else yet additionally spare a portion of that utility to supplement diverse group syntheses.

Open these legends first assuming you need to begin dominating the center best saints from the beginning of the game.

HeroRoleSpecialtiesRecommended Lane
ValirMageDamage, GuardSide
GrockTankCrowd control, InitiatorRoaming
Yu ZhongFighterRegen, DamageSide
NataliaAssassinChase, ReapJungle
X.borgFighterRegen, BurstSide
KhufraTankInitiator, Crowd controlRoaming
ZhaskMageChase, DamageSide
LingAssassinChase, BurstJungle
ClaudeMarksmanBurst, ChaseMid
SilvannaFighterInitiator, Magic damageSide
KimmyMarksman, MageMixed damageMid
HylosTankGuard, InitiatorRoaming
KajaFighter, SupportControl, ChargeSide
BadangFighterCharge, BurstSide
BrunoMarksmanReap, BurstMid
Luo YiMageSupport, Crowd controlSide


These legends comprise the higher classes of the game’s current meta. You’ll probably go head to head against these saints regularly on the grounds that they’re not as overwhelming as those in S Tier, which means they don’t get prohibited as much in cutthroat matches.

HeroRoleSpecialtiesRecommended Lane
Wan WanMarksmanReap, BurstMd
SelenaAssassin, MageInitiator, ReapJungle
JawheadFighterCharge, BurstSide
Chang’eMagePoke, BurstSide
GrangerMarksmanBurst, ReapMid
CecilionMagePoke, BurstMid
MashaFighterPush, DamageJungle
DiggieSupportGuard, PokeRoaming
HanzoAssassinPoke, BurstJungle
LyliaMagePush, DamageSide
AtlasTankCrowd control, InitiatorRoaming
LancelotAssassinChase, BurstJungle
ThamuzFighterChase, DamageSide
GatotkacaTank, FighterCrowd control, BurstRoaming
EsmereldaMage, TankRegen, Mixed damageSide
PharsaMageBurst, PokeMid
HelcurtAssassinPush, BurstJungle
ChouFighterChase, ControlRoaming
FreyaFighterChase, DamageSide
LolitaSupport, TankGuard, Crowd controlRoaming
KarrieMarksmanReap, DamageMid


B-Tier legends are still essential for the game’s meta. Under the right hands, these legends can perform similarly just as their An and S-level partners. Intrinsically, they have a couple of imperfections that equilibrium out their great characteristics.

HeroRoleSpecialtiesRecommended Lane
CarmillaSupportCrowd control, DamageRoaming
AngelaSupportGuard, SupportRoaming
HayabusaAssassinChase, BurstJungle
KaguraMagePoke, ReapMid
GordMagePoke, BurstMid
TerizlaFighterBurst, Crowd controlSide
LeomordFighterChase, BurstSide
AldousFighterBurst, SupportSide
LesleyMarksman, AssassinReap, BurstMid
BelerickTankCrowd control, RegenRoaming
KaditaMage, AssassinBurst, ChargeSide
RubyTank, FighterCrowd control, RegenSide
OdetteMageBurst, PokeSide
HanabiMarksmanReap, DamageMid
Yi Sun-ShinMarksman, AssassinReap, ChaseMid
RogerFighter, MarksmanReap, BurstSide
GusionAssassinBurst, Magic damageJungle
TigrealTankCrowd controlRoaming
HarleyMage, AssassinBurst, PokeJungle
GuinevereFighterBurst, Magic DamageSide
NanaMage, SupportPoke, GuardSide
HarithMageChase, DamageMid
EstesSupportRegen, GuardRoaming
HildaFighter, TankDamage, RegenSide
MoskovMarksmanReap, ChaseMid
FrancoTankInitiator, ControlRoaming


These are fair saints with a couple of glaring imperfections that could be negative to their group if not tended to as expected. They only from time to time convey their groups to triumph without anyone else, focusing on strong help above all the other things all things considered.

HeroRoleSpecialtiesRecommended Lane
Lapu-LapuFighter, AssassinChase, BurstSide
Popol and KupaMarksmanPush, BurstSide
BalmondFighter, TankDamage, RegenSide
MinotaurTank, SupportCrowd controlRoaming
IrithelMarksmanReap, BurstMid
FannyAssassinChase, ReapJungle
MartisFighterReap, ChargeSide
LunoxMageBurst, DamageMid
JohnsonTankSupport, Crowd controlRoaming
AuroraMageCrowd control, PokeSide
DyrrothFighterCharge, BurstJungle
RafaelaSupportRegen, GuardRoaming
FaramisSupport, MageGuard, ChargeRoaming
ZilongFighter, AssassinChase, DamageSide
EudoraMageControl, BurstSide
AlucardFighter, AssassinChase, DamageSide
CyclopsMagePoke, ControlSide


These legends have totally tumbled off the current meta on account of their absence of utility in matches. Talented players can pick these saints up to get the adversary uninformed, yet this is an exceptionally unsafe move.

HeroRoleSpecialtiesRecommended Lane
KarinaAssassinReap, Magic DamageJungle
BaxiaTankSupport, DamageRoaming
ArgusFighterCharge, BurstSide
ClintMarksmanReap, BurstMid
AkaiTankGuard, Crowd controlRoaming
BaneFighterPush, BurstSide
AliceMage, TankCharge, RegenSide
SunFighterPush, DamageSide
MiyaMarksmanReap, DamageMid


These legends have totally tumbled off the meta in light of current circumstances. They don’t have almost a similar measure of utility and convey potential as other legends. We’d venture to say that, occasionally, picking these saints gives the adversary group a characteristic benefit.

HeroRoleSpecialtiesRecommended Lane
ValeMageBurst, Crowd controlSide
AlphaFighterCharge, DamageSide
MinsittharFighterInitiator, Crowd controlSide
VexanaMagePoke, ControlSide
SaberAssassinCharge, ReapSide
LaylaMarksmanReap, DamageMid

Also, the writing is on the wall, the current level rundown for Mobile Legends. Player ability and experience are as yet gigantic components to consider in matches however knowing which players to put the time in is urgent.

With this rundown, you’ve ideally acquired a few bits of knowledge into who the best saints are and what strengths they contribute to a fight.

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