Confirmed by Devolver Digital, Minit Adventure Game is Coming to Nintendo Switch on August

Confirmed by Devolver Digital, Minit Adventure Game is Coming to Nintendo Switch on August

Get it ready — Confirmed by Devolver Digital that Minit, the second adventure game, will be coming on the Nintendo Switch on 9th August.

Are you slogging your way out through Persona 5? Or does the Steam backlog appear insurmountable? Are you thinking to buy Yakuza 0 on your Windows knowing you will never finish it most probably? Do not fear, busy players; Minit, published by the Devolver Digital is a fun adventure game that is coming on August 9th to Nintendo Switch.

A few days back Minit popped up at Nintendo’s eShop, Devolver Digital confirmed that this game will soon arrive on 9th August through the post on their official Twitter account. The Minit game is just one of many Devolver published games that are available on Nintendo Switch during “#SummerofDevolver.” Before summer is over the Minit, Broforce, Crossing Souls, Not a Hero Edition, Messenger, and Enter Gungeon‘s and Draguns update all will be available on Nintendo Switch.

Released in early spring, Minit is the monochromatic and pixel-art Zelda- that kills you each second. After stumbling on the cursed sword at the beginning of this game, players just have 60 seconds to traverse this game’s overworld, solve different puzzles, and learn how to prevent dying. At an end of every minute, the players should respawn and try out their luck once again.

Minit joins the increasingly striking roster of the bite-sized games that are ported to Nintendo Switch. No matter whether you want to chip away in Minit on your commute or control through it in one sitting is completely your choice. Just like Rocket League, Splatoon 2 and Fortnite, Minit’s concise structure lends wonderfully to its portability and convenience that Nintendo Switch offers.

If you want to learn more on Minit, you can go through the glowing review here. And Minit is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Mac, and Linux.

Photo: ComicBook


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