Minecraft PS4 Update 1.77 is Out Now, Brings in Crucial Bugs and Game Crashing Issue Fixes

Minecraft PS4 Update

Minecraft has received a new Hotfix Update 1.77 on PS4. The developer 4J studios have announced it via twitter. This new update made its way to the game after the previous big aquatic update messed up the whole game and fans started experiencing game crashing and bugs issues.

Though, this problem mainly occurred on PS4, however, a number of PS3 players also reported similar issues with the game. At the time of the issues and reports, 4J studios tweeted that they are working around the clock to introduce a fix. Now, the studio has actually released the Update 1.77 that is mainly a Hotfix for all these issues. Check out their recent tweet below.

This clearly indicates that the studio took the complaints seriously. And as a result, players are now given solutions to all the reported problems.

The new update 1.77 is now fully available to download on PS4. However, it is still unknown that when the studio will release an update for PS3. It is speculated that the update will land on PS3 next week.

As mentioned above, the previous big update for Minecraft was the Update 1.76. It was launched last month along with some legacy hardware. However, as this update caused problems for players, the studio has now released update 1.77. Hopefully, all the fans facing such problems will now be able to play the game without any glitches, crashes, and bugs.

Patch notes for the new Minecraft Update 1.77 for PS4 aren’t released yet. As soon as the patch notes are released, we’ll make it sure to let you know. We’ll also keep an eye out for more relevant details about the game. So, stay tuned. If you have already downloaded this update, please share your views with us.

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