Minecraft Dungeons PC Announced for a 2019 Release, All New Action and Adventure Inspired By Classic Dungeon Crawlers


Mojang, one of the top-tier developers for the Minecraft series has announced the new Minecraft Dungeons for PC. According to the developer, the game will launch in 2019. However, Mojang hasn’t revealed any specific release date for the game yet.

According to a brief overview by Mojang, players will be making their way through the unforgiving and fast-paced action-adventure game which is mainly inspired by the classic dungeon crawlers. Therefore, it offers a similar experience. Set in a new Minecraft world, the game will, in fact, offer a totally new experience on PC.

In addition, players will be offered a choice to either brave the dungeons alone or be part of a team to explore. In the game, up to four players can accompany and engage in epic action and adventure oriented game-play. Moreover, much to players’ expectations, Minecraft Dungeons will offer verily different game levels, treasures, and quests.

In order to complete the Minecraft Dungeons levels, players will have to save the villagers. They will have to discover new areas of the game in search of weapons and various other items. These weapons and items will help them defeat the enemies scattered into mobs. Players will find all these different mobs of enemies everywhere in the game world.

The game world is all made up on canyons, swamps, and mines. So, it offers a great challenging environment for all the brave players. You can either be brave or foolish enough to take all these challenges upon yourself. So, if you are a true fan of the unique and blocky worlds of Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons will entertain you to the limits you’ve never gone to before.

With the game’s release announcement, Mojang has also released a new trailer for the game as well. Check it out below and enjoy the awesomeness. If you want to learn more about the game, head over to Minecraft Dungeons official website.

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