Mile 22 To Be Released on 17th August 2018, Preview

Mark Wahlberg: 'Mile 22' is Releasing on 17th August 2018

After having contributed 25 years to the world of cinema and some really great movies such as Three Kings, The Departed, The Fighter, Deepwater Horizon and Patriots Day and one of my favorite movies of all time, Boogie Night, Mark Wahlberg is all set to return with a bang with his upcoming movie Mile 22 which already has a sequel planned and already underway with shooting.

A cast that promises quality acting on screen at the very least makes it a movie worth watching. What makes it an, even more, must watch of a movie is the fact that this is the fourth time that director Peter Berg and Mark have joined forces for a project which started with the making of another hit in the name of Lone Survivor. The action thriller which is the first original story between the duo has a story full of promises. The script is not something to blow the brains off, but rather the intensity and the commitment with which the star-spangled cast have portrayed their characters.

For a story that portrays an intelligence officer with sensitive information, out in a foreign country, it would be a routine job for such an experienced crew. But to bring more realism to the plot, the cast decided to take it to the next level. In a recent interview, Mark revealed that to make the movie as realistic as possible, the crew actually talked to real-life special forces and intelligence officers to get an idea of what they actually go through in the field, what is their mindset, how tactics are adjusted according to the situation etc. Which ultimately turned the movie on its heels to get a hard R rating. The interview also revealed that initially the villain was supposed to be just like another secondary off the table villain. But talking to the real-life heroes turned the character upside down to give us a villain that keeps us on our toes and let’s admit it, better the villain, the more interesting the movie becomes.

If the non-stop action genre is your forte, then the next pit stop for you should be the theatres on the 17th of August to catch Mile 22.

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