Middle Earth: Shadow of War Update 1.18 is Out now, Adds Fixes to Nemesis System and Some Tweaks

Middle Earth: Shadow of War Update

Warner Bros. Interactive has released the latest update for Middle Earth: Shadow of War. The new update 1.18 is live now and it adds system fixes along with progression balance and some tweaks.

The update 1.18 is now live on PC, PS4, and Xbox One and it has landed on these platforms after the recent micro-transactions omit from the game. The developer hasn’t released any official patch-notes for the update.

The last update to the game was released on 17th July, 2018 that removed the micro-transactions markets from the game. In addition, the last update added in a lot of new tweaks to the game. The major changes include various balance and quality improvements. However, this new update is all about new additions to the game.

According to the information released with the update, there are some improvements made to the Nemesis system. The major issue in the Nemesis system was on higher difficulty levels where warchiefs used to replace the old ones more aggressively. This issue has now been adjusted. Though, the warchiefs’s power now drains relatively faster. This issue only occurs at the higher level of the game. Hopefully, it’ll be fixed in the next update.

In addition, the infinite load screen issue is also now resolved. Infinite load screen issue on death is also resolved in the new update 1.18.

Moreover, the issues in Progression and balance are also tweaked. Fans will now be able to have the mission The Conquest of Shindram started properly. So no more worries in the Desolation of Mordor expansion story.

Several issues with the ground take-down and Flurry attacks are also fixed. Attacks will now deal the correct amount of damage.

The new Middle Earth: Shadow of War update, has fixed a lot of issues with the game. Hopefully, it’ll become more improved in the future updates. As of now, in absence of the official patch notes, we could collect only this much info. As soon as the official patch notes are out, we’ll let you know. Stay Connected.

Check out the unofficial patch-notes for the Middle Earth: Shadow of War update 1.18 here.

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