Microsoft’s official Fix for Windows 10 KB5001330 Gaming Issue

Windows 10

A new Windows 10 update has some gamers seething over disabled edge rates and blue screen of death (BSOD) blunders—it is identified with the current month’s Patch Tuesday update, which started carrying out to PCs on April 12. Half a month later, Microsoft has recognized the issue, discovered the offender, and is to some degree covertly pushing out a fix (more on that in a second).

“A little subset of clients have revealed lower than anticipated execution in games subsequent to introducing this update. Most clients influenced by this issue are running match-ups full screen or borderless windowed modes and utilizing at least two screens,” Microsoft clarifies in a help article.

The issue is identified with KB5001330 for Windows 10 form 2004 (20H1), and as per different objections, it likewise influences KB5001337 for Windows 10 variants 1930 and 1909. Just the help article for KB5001330 recognizes the issue, be that as it may, so in the event that you are running variant 1930 or 1909, you may be up the creek without a paddle for now (except if you move up to rendition 2004).

Following the carry out of those combined updates, Windows 10 clients started revealing a scope of issues while gaming, for example, diminished and insecure casing rates, v-sync not working as expected, BSODs, and different disturbances. Indeed, even NVIDIA tolled in on the matter, revealing to GeForce proprietors that on the off chance that they are experiencing any of those manifestations, they should have a go at uninstalling the combined update.

That is as yet an alternative, however clearly not an ideal one. Luckily, Microsoft has another arrangement. It is doling out a fix through its Known Issue Rollback (KIR) program.

“This issue is settled utilizing Known Issue Rollback (KIR). If it’s not too much trouble, note that it may require as long as 24 hours for the goal to engender consequently to purchaser gadgets and non-oversaw business gadgets. Restarting your gadget may assist the goal with applying your gadget quicker,” Microsoft clarifies.

The program is intended to moderate non-security issues rapidly and proficiently, and is something Microsoft has been utilizing since 2019. From our arrangement, it doesn’t really move back the whole combined update, however adds code to fix whatever non-security bug it might have presented on certain frameworks.

“At the point when Microsoft chooses to rollback a bug fix in an update as a result of a known issue, we make an arrangement change in the cloud. Gadgets associated with Windows Update or Windows Update for Business are advised of this change and it produces results with the following reboot,” Microsoft clarifies.

With an amazing gaming rig this way, you clearly need the entirety of its accessible pull.

It’s a secretive move, in that a few clients get the fix before truly seeing there is an issue. What’s more, since it isn’t given out through Windows Update, maybe the issue was never presented in any case.

The most effective method to Determine If This Fix Is Actually Applied

This is somewhat of an alternate situation, be that as it may, as it half a month for Microsoft to recognize the issue, by which time there were a lot of protests from gamers. Your smartest choice is to reboot your PC, and ideally your issues disappear. Be that as it may, it takes some uncovering to discover if your PC really has the fix set up, on the grounds that it doesn’t appear in Windows Update.

One of Bleeping Computer’s perusers sorted out where it is stowing away in the framework Registry. Remember that you can break things by messing around in the Registry, however in the event that you are OK with the dangers and need to check whether the outcome has been arranged spot, type regedit in taskbar search field and snap on Registry Editor. At that point explore to:

In the event that the above passage exists, the fix has been applied. Else, you should stand by somewhat more—it ought to be applied inside 24 hours.

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