Microsoft Crosses The $10 billion Mark In Annual Gaming Revenue

Microsoft Annual Gaming Revenue

Well, it is a great time for Microsoft itself. The earnings of the company are good enough for its fiscal year. In this way, things are also looking good for Xbox. The revenue of the business is $2.28 billion just for the quarter year.

On the other side, revenue for the full-year is $10.35 billion. The results when compared to show growth. The previous amount of revenue for the full year was $9.05 billion. At this point, Microsoft realized that it is a great time for running Xbox services. It was also observed by the company itself that 36% of the growth rate is due to Xbox services and software.

Xbox Live


However, the trend of active users is also increasing with every passing day. There are 57 million active users for Xbox live. The major chunk of revenue is included in the total sum. The results are also helpful in supporting the operating income. Microsoft made $30.1 billion in a quarter year. On the other side, the operating income also raised by 35%. And, that’s why Microsoft is now working on developing the Xbox consoles.

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