Metroidvania Timespinner Releases on PS4 and PS Vita on 25th September, In Depth Game Trailer Released


The much-awaited 2D Metroidvania Timespinner is releasing on 25th September 2018, confirms Lunar Ray Games. Fans around the globe are excited as the game is finally now releasing after a five years long development period.

The 2D Metroidvania Timespinner will be available only on PS4 and PS Vita upon its release globally. It offers a fantastic story-driven game-play and unique characters. The game allows players to act as Lunais, a young woman who loves to travel from one place to another.

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In addition, Timespinner offers environments filled with 2D platforms and puzzles. As Lunais, players will have to destroy the empire that killed her loved ones. Based on what the developer has shared, it’s probably one of the most visually pleasing video games to play.

In addition to that, the developer has also revealed some of the crucial new features of Metroidvania Timespinner. Features such as Time-Stop, Orb System, a new story, and Time-travel are all part of the game. Check the new features in a brief below.

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Time-Stop is considered as one of the most crucial new features of the game. It’s mainly used in the game to stop the time in an enemy room. This allows the players to use the enemies as platforms and complete the game levels easily.

The Orb System

Similarly, the Orb System feature allows players to equip the orbs mainly crystal balls and use the unique aspects of these orbs to melee, spell, or passive attack the enemies. There are plenty of orbs available in the game at every stage.

The Story

Timespinner’s story is much more complex than a lot of the other great platform games. From the game’s plot to multiple planets, rebellions, and wars, Timespinner is all about the strategies you make in order to defeat the enemies. Some other features of the game include various skip-able cut scenes, memories that are collectible, collectible letters, and encyclopedic knowledge of all the major game components.

Several quests with unique goals and rewards are also part of the 2D Metroidvania Timespinner. Check out the latest gameplay trailer of Timespinner below.

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