Mega Man 11: Tundra Man Trailer and Game Details Released by Capcom, Shows Off Gameplay and New Features

Mega Man 11

Capcom has recently released all the new information about the Mega Man 11: Tundra Man video game. In addition, the publisher has also released a new trailer for the game as well. The new trailer for Mega Man 11: Tundra Man shows off the new game-play and new features as well.

Check out the new Mega Man 11: Tundra Man trailer below.

According to the new details revealed, Mega Man 11: Tundra Man is a beautiful combination of Ice Skating and puzzle game mechanics. The game takes place in a frozen world where the only way to survive is to progress through various game levels.

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The new trailer of Mega Man 11: Tundra Man reveals two new heroes for the game. Fans will see the Rockman fighting against the likes of Acid Man, and Tundra Man pitched against eight of the most notorious Robot Masters. Additionally, the most noticeable of the events in the game will be Tundra Man’s epic brawl with Dr. Wily.

In addition, the new TGS2018 trailer of Mega Man 11: Tundra Man shows off plenty of new game levels. Moreover, fans will witness the beautiful and mesmerizing music of the game as well. The Japanese voice overs are another one of game’s fantastical elements. The US version of the game will likely have all these voice-overs as well.

Also, the unique concept and base story of the game is worthy of all the fans’ attention as well. As a combination of state of the art visuals, exciting game levels, great music, and revamped game mechanics, Mega Man 11: Tundra Man is here to write history.

Fans are excited as the game is due out in a few weeks. According to previously revealed dates and the ones shown in the new trailer, fans will be able to get their hands on Mega Man 11: Tundra Man on October 02, 2018. The game will launch on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on the same date and time.

Check out Mega Man 11: Tundra Man’s recently released images here.

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