Luther Season 5 Cast Is Back After 2 Years

Luther Season 5

When all the hopes of Luther fans were about to diminish, the creators of Luther released its 5th season teaser on 19 June. Although the creators have not announced the official release date of the show, shooting has begun so it may hit the screen by the end of this year.

A Glimpse Of Luther Season 4

We have to admit, the DCI John Luther and his partner Emma together was the soul of season four, though it was just 2 episodes long. Also, we all secretly hope to see them work together again in season 5. Moreover, with Luther finding the truth about Megan, who seems to have some connection with Luther’s past, the drama will continue to unravel the secret of Luther in season 5.

Returning Cast

The shooting of season five has begun as reported by the screenwriter, Neil Cross. With the fourth season being so short, the fifth is expected to last 4 episodes of 1 hour each. For season 5, Ruth Wilson and Laura Haddock may come back for their respective roles. So let’s see what the Luther cast has got to thrill their audience.


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