Lost In Space Season 2 Is Back With A New Cast, Plot Points and Spoilers Revealed

Lost In Space Season 2

The creators of Lost in Space, which originally aired on Netflix, are all set to start its shoot for the 2nd season. Currently, they are working on selecting the cast of the show. Giving a glimpse of the first character, who will be called Ava. She’s a middle-aged woman, with a firm and no-nonsense attitude. She’s a strict and dedicated working woman, who shunned down Don for his nonsense behavior, although she has a respect for his talent.

The most respectable person in Resolute is Captain Jiang. She has this suave with her which makes her more capable of giving commands to the crew members of the ship. She’s attributed as the least emotional and the most work driven Commander in the Resolute.

For the first time in a while, we thought the Robinsons were safe and back to their people of Resolute, the season ended with the Robinsons again being attacked by an alien engine. The ultimate aim was to reach the Alpha Centauri, which is a perfect destination for the future of humans. So, the fans were left wondering whether Mr. Victor and the other members of Resolute will try to find the Robinsons or not?

Fans are curious to know whether they will see more of the Robot’s stuff? To their delight, the Jupiter 2 has found the “Planet of Robots”, so of course there will be a battle of robots. Connecting the dots, the season two may continue with the story why Will Robinson was protected by the Robot who was under the control of Dr. Smith. To unravel this mystery, we probably have to wait till 2019.

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