Logitech M330 Silent Mouse Review (2021)

Logitech M330 Silent Mouse

Nowadays, a mouse can run a genuinely wide range as far as usefulness, reason, plan, and cost. Contingent upon what your requirement for a fringe is, the buy can be an arrangement changing choice or something you wind up mourning. On account of the remote Logitech M330 Silent Mouse, it sits in a near handyman, expert of none space.

It is a fair move forward from the nonexclusive wired alternative you may wager packaged with your journal or PC, yet positively not on a gaming mouse level that takes accuracy, input, and ergonomics to an alternate plane.

Logitech M330 Silent Mouse

At R258 (RRP), the M330 Silent Mouse doesn’t burn through every last dollar either, so it needs to meet absolute minimums while not including such a large number of superfluous fancy odds and ends.

Having placed it to use in our own Work From Home (WFH) arrangement for barely seven days, here are our musings on this nitty gritty, straightforward contribution from Logitech.


Beginning with a plan, as we will in general do, the M330 Silent is similar to the name would propose. From a tasteful outlook, there isn’t a ton to get immersed by. Indeed, it feels somewhat like a plan by the council, which bodes well given the sticker price and the way that it is intended to slip flawlessly into a WFH arrangement. On that front, it takes care of business, with the all dark colorway not culpable in at any rate.

The closer examination does, notwithstanding, uncover a small bunch of unpretentious plan thrives. These incorporate the various surfaces between materials utilized for the clicker/wheel segment and the back which your palm lays on while being used. There’s additionally a mathematical triangle design stumbling into the part that your thumb would be, giving you’re a right given client.

Logitech M330 Silent Mouse

Where something like the MX Vertical pushes the limit as far as how Logitech can help a business or usefulness centered mouse, the M330 is a bit more vanilla and that is totally fine.

While it may not promptly draw your consideration, we viewed the ergonomics on a deal to be very noteworthy. Laying your hand on the mouse and moving it all through a normal workday was a breeze and we never felt hampered by the fringe.

Added to this was a consistent arrangement through a USB dongle and a fast association when we flipped the on switch under the mouse on.

Everything basically functions as it is planned. For a stock standard WFH arrangement, this is surely acceptable.

Genuinely peaceful

Presently how about we change to the Silent part of this mouse. Logitech’s writing on the fringe claims it dispensed with 90% of clicking sounds contrasted with a typical mouse. We’ve chosen not to get the commotion level meter out to check the cases, however, in everyday use, it is undeniably more calm than the mouse we generally utilize, which is an Apple Magic Mouse (first cycle).

We heard some clamor exude from the fringe, however, any noisy clicking was everything except gone. Of you do to be sure have to keep things as quiet as could really be expected, this will take care of business, simply don’t expect there to be no strong at all.

Logitech M330 Silent Mouse

Staying with the clicking, the criticism on the mouse sets aside some effort to get used to. In the primary two or three days, we ended up multiplying clicking when we didn’t plan to. This is in no way, shape, or form a major issue, however essentially something you might need to be cognisant of once you eliminate the M330 Silent from the bundling.

One more component to yell out is the security of the association, with Logitech expressing the reach maximizes at 10 meters. While we don’t work the M330 Silent at that reach, we never encountered a drop in network once during our whole time utilizing it. Fueled by a solitary AA battery, Logitech says this fringe will marshal as long as two years before it ceases to exist as well, so upkeep hopes to be kept to a base on this alternative.

Last decision

The Logitech M330 Silent Mouse isn’t provocative if WFH peripherals can even be attractive. Furthermore, you know what, it shouldn’t be. The mouse is very much valued, a breeze to arrangement yields a consistent and stable association while continuing clicking and rattling to a base. While the quiet exhibition is the thing that Logitech intends to showcase here, it is the straightforward, simple all-around execution of the M330 that truly dazzled us.

On the off chance that the packaged modest alternative on your notepad or PC is just not cutting it, then, at that point, the M330 Silent is a beneficial substitution that will not be excessively expensive at R258 (RR). Should you need a solid, yet moderate WFH fringe, this one comes strongly suggested.

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