LG Tone Free FP8 True Wireless Earbuds Review (2021)

LG Tone Free FP8 True Wireless Earbuds Review (2021)


The LG Tone FP8 is a less expensive option in contrast to the Apple AirPods Pro and Sony WF-1000XM4 that hold large numbers of key elements including reproduced spatial sound and commotion crossing out on top of LG’s UVnano innovation that kills microscopic organisms in the middle of employments. They’re not the be-all, end-all pair of commotion dropping genuine remote earbuds, however, they’re a genuine move forward from any of LG’s past endeavors.


  • Worked on solid quality
  • Great dynamic commotion crossing out
  • Supports aptX
  • UV cleaning is a pleasant touch


  • No inherent partner
  • 3D encompass isn’t exceptionally solid
  • Can lose association
  • Attractive charging pins
  • One-minute audit

In its underlying bid to make a couple of grant winning genuine remote earbuds, LG didn’t have a ton of accomplishment last year’s LG Tone Free HBS-FN6 didn’t actually set the world burning with their spearheading UVnano innovation and their sound propagation was, all things considered, not top-class.

FP8 True Wireless Earbuds

From that point forward, LG’s returned to the planning phase and has arisen with the new LG Tone Free FP8 that are certifiable Apple AirPods Pro and Sony WF-1000XM4 adversaries that offer dynamic clamor scratch-off, aptX support for Android, and worked on solid quality. These are an essentially more grounded pair of genuine remote earbuds than we saw a year prior.

Having tried them throughout a month, we had a lot of time to go through with them and keeping in mind that they didn’t expect the entirety of our tests – especially before we applied the most recent programming update – we can securely say that LG is conveying a great pair of buds at a lower value point than Sony and Apple, regardless of whether they can’t exactly surpass them in general execution.

While we’d, in any case, suggest the previously mentioned class-driving clamor dropping earbuds over the LG Tone Free FP8, LG’s most recent genuine remote buds are an incredible option at a somewhat lower cost and are an extraordinary alternative on the off chance that you consider the possibility of newly cleaned ear tips engaging.

Cost and delivery date

The LG Tone Free FP8 is expected out before the finish and will cost $179 in the US – around £130, AU$250 – however, worldwide evaluating presently can’t seem not really set in stone.

FP8 True Wireless Earbuds

In the super jam-packed genuine remote earbuds market, that cost is fairly higher than normal yet at the same time a huge sum not exactly other lead buds from Apple and Sony. For reference, the AirPods Pro comes in at $249/£249/AU$399, and the Sony WF-1000XM4 expense $279/£250/AU$449. That implies LG’s contribution a considerable lot of similar components for a portion of the expense.

That being said, there are a couple of less expensive alternatives that likewise offer dynamic commotion wiping out an incredible sound quality that is worth focusing on. Among them are the new Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 and Beats Studio Buds – they’re somewhat less expensive and we feel that they offer practically a similar worth as the LG Tone Free FP8.

As far as to plan, the LG Tone FP8 gets a couple of pointers from the Apple AirPods Pro. The two arrangements of buds use silicone ear tips that fit cozily into the ear channel via an ear-adjusting shell that stretches out to a little stub that runs outside the ear. Tastefully there are a lot of likenesses – yet insufficient to make them accurate imitations of each other.

One thing that isolates them is the selection of cases – the AirPod Pro arrives in a rectangular-formed case with adjusted corners while the LG Tone FP8 has a round case. They’re both little and fit effectively in the pocket, however, LG’s case has one stunt that Apple doesn’t and that is the capacity to clean the ear tips between utilizes with UV light.


As per LG, the case kills about 99.9% of microscopic organisms on the earbuds between utilizes – which is somewhat soothing on the off chance that somebody in your home, say a sweetheart, likes to acquire your earbuds without advising you and doesn’t ever clean them.

FP8 True Wireless Earbuds

As far as we might be concerned, the buds were impeccably measured, they fit in the ear cozily and made an ideal inactive seal with no work by any stretch of the imagination. In the event that you need a bigger or more modest ear tip, LG incorporates both in the case, however, we’d bet most people ought to approve of the medium pair that comes appended.

Like the Tone earbuds before it, the FP8’s touch-touchy controls are housed at the actual top of the ear stems; you can utilize these to play/stop your music, change the volume, answer calls, and enact Ambient Sound mode, which permits some ecological commotion to go through the buds – it’s a convenient component in the event that you need to rapidly tune into your environmental elements.

While the marquee provisions of the earbuds are their dynamic commotion dropping and microbes killing UV light, those aren’t the lone stunts up the FP8’s sleeve.

On top of all the other things, the earbuds are IPX4 water-safe that makes them find allies for the exercise center or a light sprinkle and they offer upscaled spatial sound – comparative in certain regards to Creative’s Super XFi innovation. We’ll get more off course with that in a moment however the impacts are fun… however perhaps not as vivid as we’d like them to be.

Fortunately, the buds support aptX – something becoming increasingly hard to track down as more makers attempt and execute their own superior quality codecs. Since aptX is higher than standard Bluetooth (SBC) as far as transmission capacity, you’ll get a more nitty gritty and rich sound – however just in case you’re utilizing an Android gadget that upholds aptX.


In case you’re searching for customization alternatives, you’ll see them inside LG’s Tone Free application. You’ll discover an EQ balancer and controls setting, just as an alternative to check for new updates – something we energetically suggest you do before you put the buds through your own testing. The application is instinctive and simple to utilize, making it much better than a portion of its rivals.

FP8 True Wireless Earbuds

To wrap things up the application has a Find My Earbuds highlight that will cause the earbuds to play a boisterous song that should assist you with finding them. It’s not by and large comparable to Samsung or Apple’s variant of the Find My Earbuds include that will show you where you left the buds on a guide, yet this current one’s convenient on the off chance that you went out and can’t discover them.

So what’s the terrible information? The LG Tone Free FP8 doesn’t accompany an implicit associate like the Apple AirPods or Google Pixel Buds. That is not a major issue, but rather it is positively an enormous comfort to simply have the option to say “Hello Google” to stand out enough to be noticed at any spot, whenever.


The one region the LG expected to improve was its sound propagation – and with Meridian’s assistance, it totally did. While past variants of LG’s Tone earbuds had muddied sound, cruel high pitches, and a serious instance of sibilance, the FP8 presently has an all the more energetic sound that truly centers around highlighting the mids and lows with better in general equilibrium.

FP8 True Wireless Earbuds

Lamentably, however, there’s still a great deal to request as far as lucidity – particularly in case you’re utilizing the SBC or AAC codec – and width of the soundstage. Things are a bit better when you switch over to the aptX codec on Android that has a higher information data transfer capacity, yet to a great extent, you’ve left with the equivalent more modest soundstage anyplace you go.

That is baffling on the grounds that LG and Meridian set off to make the vastest soundstage yet with their new Analog Spatial Processing tech that mimics spatial sound. In principle, this should take any wellspring of sound and apply a 3D channel to it, however practically speaking it simply makes the soundtrack sound more open and vaporous, yet less refined. On the off chance that you’ve heard Dolby Atmos before, you’ll know what vivid 3D sound sounds like and will perceive that LG’s not exactly at that perfect balance yet.

To the extent the commotion scratch-off goes, we were generally intrigued with the LG Tone Free FP8’s exhibition. While they actually can’t counterbalance very as much commotion as, say, the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds, the LG Tone Free FP8 can take out a lot of outside clamors. With music playing, foundation discussions occurring around all of you yet vanish, and utilizing them with a lawnmower implies an almost peaceful encounter while out in the yard.

How they’ll hold up to higher decibel seems like a plane motor remaining parts needs to be tried – another appalling disadvantage of the continuous Covid 19 pandemic – however so far we’ve been somewhat dazzled with the FP8’s commotion dropping chops close to our exhausted climate control system – the following best climate for a clamor dropping test.

Not exclusively can the buds keep sound out, however in the event that you press and hold the touch-capacitive board on either earbud, you can turn on passthrough mode that lines in external sounds. For what reason would you need that? All things considered, that is helpful in case you’re at an air terminal trusting that a call or need will have a speedy discussion with somebody and you would prefer not to take out the earbuds.

Discussing discussions, call quality is another weakness for the FP8. Loved ones we addressed said we sounded reverberation y and less fresh contrasted with other earbuds, yet said we came in stronger than customary speaker telephone. The outcome makes us cautious about utilizing these as your go-to match for business calls and is most likely most appropriate for short calls whenever the situation allows.

The other issue you’ll experience is that the buds may drop the association now and then. It happened less as often as possible after we refreshed to the most recent programming, however directly out of the crate the buds may remove on you sometimes should you decide not to refresh.

Battery life

As indicated by LG, you can expect 10 hours for every charge in the buds and around 24 hours absolute for the case with ANC off. At the point when it’s on, we got around 6-ish long stretches of battery life and 18 with the case, which feels like the going normal for commotion dropping earbuds.

The case has a USB-C charging port on it and it additionally upholds remote charging in the event that you have a Qi-empowered charging cushion. Charging time is genuinely speedy, yet unquestionably allow yourself a little while prior to loading onto a trip to have them completely energized.

Our greatest issue with the LG Tone Free FP8 is that its attractive charging pins are a bit flighty. On somewhere around one event, our earbuds didn’t charge since they lost association with the pins for the situation. With all due respect they are charged to keep that from occurring – however, it actually may and it’s a bit disillusioning when it does.

Other earbuds may have better battery lives and charging times, however, the LG Tone Free FP8 hit someplace squarely in the center of what we’d expect, which is totally fine.

Would it be advisable for you to purchase the LG Tone Free FP8 True Wireless Earbuds?

Get them if…

You need respectable, mid-range clamor dropping earbuds

We actually feel the Sony WF-1000XM4 are the best evident remote earbuds around the present moment, however, the LG Tone Free FP8 is a respectable competitor for the crown. They’re more reasonable, absolutely, and offer large numbers of similar elements.

You need to keep microbes off your buds

The one thing the LG Tone Free series does that no other earbuds do is that they offer a coordinated UV light to kill microbes in the middle of employments. On the off chance that you realize somebody that is germaphobic, these could be the ideal earbuds for them.

You were baffled with the first run of Tone Free earbuds

The FP8 feels like a colossal move forward from a portion of the primary Tone Free earbuds we heard. They have a more offset sound with higher clearness and less sibilance.

Try not to get them if…

You’re willing to pay a bit more for better-quality buds

For Apple proprietors, the AirPods Pro stay probably the most ideal alternative while Android proprietors will see the value in Sony or Samsung’s actual remote earbuds all things being equal. The LG Tone Free FP8 is acceptable, however unquestionably not class-driving in any classification.

You’d prefer to have an underlying associate

In case you’re somebody who likes to call their associate whenever, anyplace, these buds aren’t intended for you. Rather adhere to the AirPods or Google Pixel Buds that offer a continually listening aide who’s glad to assist you with trips when your hands are full.

You’re not cautious about taking care of the buds

Since the earbuds depend on three little metal pins inside the charging case, you should be really cautious when taking care of them for the afternoon. In case they’re off by even a couple of millimeters, the buds will not be charged next time you use them, and that can be a genuine disillusionment

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