LG and Sprint are Working Together to launch a 5G Smartphone in 2019

LG and Sprint are Working together to launch 5G Smartphone in 2019

Ever since the 4G technology for the internet rolled out, the world has never been the same. The difference between the speeds in 3G and 4G is not even worth comparing. The average difference comes out to be almost 3-4 times than what was available in 3G. As a result, the average internet consumption in the world touched the skies all of a sudden. Streaming and downloading of movies and shows touched unprecedented levels due to the availability of such high speeds and the world became even smaller.

But it doesn’t take much time for technology to shift, and just so the concept of 5G speeds was tabled for R&D. But what use is a technology if there is no means to harness it, which is why major tech giants such as Samsung, Apple, Motorola, Lenovo etc. have been in a race to come up with a 5G supported device. Though recently it seems that it’s LG who could possibly walk away with the winner’s baton.

Only a day ago, LG in collaboration with Sprint announced to the world that they are working together to bring out the speeds promised by 5G to the world. On one front, Sprint will be working on harnessing 5G speeds in the cities of Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. and to the very least build a prototype version of the same. On the other front, LG would be pioneering to come up with a phone that would be able to support the said 5G network by having a built-in modem for the same.

But both LG and Sprint will have to literally do whatever it takes if they want to be the next leading forefronts in networking and technology because of the competition being breathed down their necks by Verizon and Motorola looking to achieve the same.

But if sources and the statements issued are to be trusted, then the MIMO technology, a part of Sprint’s idea towards 5G is already underway and that a working model should be expected in the first quarter of 2019. As far as the design and looks of the next generation ready phone goes, LG did not have much to offer except for the fact that the design would not alter much as compared to other flagship phones available in the market at the present.


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