Lenovo made a gaming seat with an inherent katana


Lenovo’s most recent gaming seat is essentially focused on anime fans. Its shading plan copies Demon Slayer character Giyu Tomioka’s dress. That is not what a great many people would see first, nonetheless. The seat accompanies an inherent katana holder and a copy Nichirin Blade.

It appears to be an ideal spot to sit and mess around like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Ghostrunner, Overwatch (in case you’re a Genji primary) or even Cyberpunk 2077, on the off chance that you incline toward swords to utilizing firearms. You will not have the option to eliminate the Nichirin Blade from its sheath and experience any samurai dreams, tragically, at any rate not without utilizing a real sharp edge to cut it off.

You can’t just purchase the seat, by the same token. Lenovo just made five of them for a limited time giveaway in Japan. You never know, however. Maybe one of the champs will attempt to flip it for a fast buck.

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Lenovo is certainly not a significant part in the gaming seat scene, yet its Demon Slayer-themed creation shows that it could without much of a stretch dice up the opposition on the off chance that it decided to. Per Kotaku, the organization has made a restricted version seat that has a holstered katana constructed onto its side. Yet, before you envision twirling around in the seat with a sword out, there’s unfortunately no katana in the holster. Is it bogus promoting to make a Demon Slayer seat with which you can’t really kill devils?

Doubly miserable is that you can’t accepting the seat. Just five are being made for a giveaway promotion in Japan. Hello, on the off chance that you live in Japan, follow Lenovo of Japan’s Twitter account, retweet a tweet, and attempt to win this seat for us all of us.

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Lenovo says this is an altered variant of a prior model, yet it actually looks cool. Its colorway matches the closet of Giyu Tomioka of the Demon Slayer arrangement, and maybe this truly might have been a hit here since Demon Slayer is going to the US after a major film industry dispatch in Japan. Yet, oh well, I’m stuck here on a Friday, gaping over a seat I can’t have, considering manners by which this will rouse such countless individuals to attempt to mount katanas to their gaming seats. Be cautious!

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