Zoro’s New Legendary Sword Explained in One Piece

Zoro’s New Legendary Sword Explained in One Piece

Legendary swords aren’t very common in One Piece world. From all the different characters existing, only a few of them have these swords with higher ranks.

Amazing Characters Display

Monkey Luffy with his friend’s band is out to explore the world for One Piece treasure. Legendary One Piece sword has captured hearts of millions of fans worldwide with its brand of thrilling action, cheerful characters, and exploits in the seas.

Different Grade of Swords Used

There are many theories that surround Roronoa Zoro’s swords. Some are the legendary swords and some are great. These are called as Wazamono grade sword, O Wazamono grade, and Saijo O Wazamono swords.

A Reward For Zoro

Presently, Zoro has only 2 swords that his Shusui spotted in Wano and took away from him. Zoro can have it back, but I doubt he will. But let us assume that somebody by an end of the arc the Wano people gift this to Zoro just as the reward for killing Kurozumi Orochi, Shogun of Wano.

Sword Play Philosophy

Zoro right now has 2 second highest swords that are Shisui and Wado Ichimonji, and one a good sword Sandai Kitetsu. It seems odd as one will expect Zoro having 3 great swords or 1 supreme great sword or legendary sword. But wazamono sword appears out of place. Also, there appear to be completely different philosophies on swordplay.

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Before these words actually were used by Swordsmen they were the exceptionally best quality of blades designed with the supreme skill of swordsmiths. Before Ryuma used the Shusui sword but did not have any legendary status, still it was a great sword. The swords were just good quality swords that were used by the legendary swordsmen. Here Oda introduced swordsmiths concept with an introduction of the Kitetsu blades.

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