Left Alive Screenshots Released by Square Enix, Prologue, Three Protagonists and More

Left Alive

Since the release date announcement of Left Alive, it is a subject of continuous chatter over the web. On its official announcement, the release dates were announced but nothing came out about how it actually looks like. Well, to end the curiousness in between the fans, Square Enix has in fact released some crucial information. In addition, the publisher has released some screenshots of this third-person, action, and survival marvel.

Also, Square Enix has revealed information about the game’s prologue, three new protagonists, and all the survival-action game-play. According to SE, the game will be set in the Garmoniya Republic in the year 2127. The producer has also said that fans will be treated to three new playable characters in the game along with an exciting game-play. In addition, Square Enix has also revealed some insight about the action-oriented game-play.

The new playable characters include Mikhail Alexandrovich Shuvalov, Olga Sergevna, and Leonid Fedorovich Osterman. Not only that, SE has also offered some insight into the survival and action game-play mechanics.

Mikhail Alexandrovich Shuvalov

Left Alive Mikhail Alexandrovich Shuvalov

Olga Sergevna

Left Alive Olga Sergevna

Leonid Fedorovich Osterman

Left Alive Leonid Fedorovich Osterman

According to Square Enix, the protagonists will face enemies on a battlefield where they’ll have to survive and achieve the goals. The limited amount of resources makes the game more difficult but equally engaging and exciting at the same time.

Moreover, the publisher has also revealed that Japanese fans will have an Ultimate Edition of Left Alive as well. The Ultimate Edition will include a copy of Left Alive, an Art Book featuring Kojima Production’s Art Work, a special Soundtrack Cd with the Front Mission Series, and a Vanzer Volk figure.

The release dates for Left Alive are already out. According to the info, fans will be able to get the game on February 28th, 2019 on PS4 in Japan. However, the exact release on PS4 and PC in North America is yet to be announced. But, the game will launch on these platforms in 2019.

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