Left Alive Announced for a March 5, 2019 Launch In North America and Europe, New Trailer for The Game Also Released

Left Alive Announced

Square Enix has announced that the much-awaited Shooter titles will release next year on March 5th, 2019. The game will make a debut on PS4 and PC on the same release dates. Players will be able to acquire a copy of the game via PlayStation Store for PS4 and Steam for PC.

For starters, two new editions of the game will be released. These new editions include the Left Alive Day One Edition and Left Alive Mech Edition. The Day One Edition of the game will include a bonus survival Pack which is actually a DLC (Downloadable Content) for the game. This particular DLC pack will include plenty of content for the game and items such as Ammo Pack, Light Body Armor, Recovery Pack, Klyuch Weapon, and a Grenade Pack.

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Similarly, the Mech Edition will be released as a Square Enix Online Store exclusive bundle which will be available at a price of $159.99. The Mech Edition bundle for Left Alive will include the full Day One Edition of Left Alive (Including the full game and Day One Survival Pack), a Volk Action figurine (designed by Takayuki Yanase). This figurine features various interchangeable accessories, hands, and weapons. Additionally, a Hardback Art Collection, a book of 80 pages will also accompany the Mech Edition. A Steel Book Case that features various mech designs, will also be available with Mech Edition for Left Alive. Last but not least, a Collector’s box will also be offered with Mech Edition of the game.

In addition to all this, the Digital version pre-orders are also now available for the game on PS4 via PlayStation Store, and for PC via Steam. It includes base game, a bonus DLC containing Ammo Pack, Light Body Armor, and Recovery Pack. Some exclusive items such as PS4 Static Theme, Salva Weapon, and Material Pack come with a PS4 Digital version purchase. With PC purchase, players will get a wallpaper set, a soundtrack sampler, and a Padub Weapon with Digital version Pre-order.

Check out the two new trailers for Left Alive below.

Left Alive – Release Date Announcement Trailer

Left Alive – State of the World Game-play Trailer


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