Kingdom Hearts 3 New Trailer Reveals Big Hero 6 Game World Along With Several New Characters

Kingdom Hearts 3

At the event of Sony’s Lineup Tour at Tokyo Game Show, they have launched a new Kingdom Hearts Trailer. The new trailer reveals the game world from Disney’s Big Hero 6 along with some cool characters. The revealed characters include Baymax, Hiro, Sora, Goofy, and Donald.

Fans can see in the trailer that the characters of Sora, Goofy, and Donald have joined forces with Hiro and Baymax. In addition, all the new characters can now use BH6’s Nano Arm Keyblade as well.

Check out the new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer below.

As seen in the trailer, fans will see Sora along with her other comrades engaging in action-packed combats fighting against the enemies. The world includes several new bridges, skyscrapers, and streets. In the trailer, fans will also be treated to a number of other characters from other gaming worlds as well. These characters range from icons from Tangled, and Monsters, Inc.

In addition, the new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer features a new Gummi Ship Segment as well. In the Gummi segment, fans will witness the destruction of oncoming asteroids by the ship. Several exciting and challenging boss battles are also part of the Gummi segment.

Similarly, as a double treat for the fans, a Virtual Reality version of the Kingdom Hearts 3 was also revealed after the trailer release. This version will be exclusively available only on PlayStation VR. Fans will be able to download the PSVR version absolutely free upon its release during the Holiday Season.

Moreover, this remarkable new game offers a First-person perspective where fans will enjoy controlling Sora along with others in challenging battles.

According to the latest by Square Enix, fans of Kingdom Hearts 3 will be able to relive the experience of the whole series. They will be able to enjoy it all including the stories and experiences of this franchise via a totally new medium of gaming.

What’s your take on the new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer, its release and the new VR version of the game? Share your views in the comments below.

Check out the Kingdom Hearts 3 VR trailer for PS VR below.

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