Kingdom Hearts 3, New Gameplay Video Reveals Boss Battle Between Sora and Aqua

kingdom hearts 3 PS4

Tokyo Game Show 2018 in Chiba, Tokyo is on a blow right now. Amazing news are indeed making their way out of the show and one of those great news just came out about the Upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3. Square Enix has recently released a new gameplay video of the game which shows off the fantastical characters of Sora and Aqua pitched in a fight against each other. Checkout the gameplay video below.

The gameplay video is actually a small teaser of the climactic that Square Enix had in plan for quite some time now. While this video only lasts about 30 seconds, it offers a detailed look at the character of Sora. In addition, it shows off a boss battle between Sora and Aqua. The game features moody and beautiful music in the background as well and allows the players to look at the state of the art visuals.

These particular characters have remained a part of the latest news and chatter over the web in recent weeks. Fans have been speculating the character moves, abilities, costumes, and battle scenarios. With, this new insight into the game, Square Enix has, in fact, offered all the fans a chance to glimpse over the much-hyped titles. In addition to that, fans can also have a look at the game-play itself for a better understanding of the game.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is an upcoming action and RPG video game. Square Enix is the developer and publisher of Kingdom Hearts 3. It is set to release in the western regions on 29th January 2019. However, the Japanese fans will have the game releasing a bit earlier. In Japan, Kingdom Hearts 3 will release on January 25th, 2019. In all the regions, the game will release on both PS4 and Xbox One. Pre-orders for the game are now available on the respective online gaming stores and Amazon.

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