Killer7 new PC version trailer released by NIS America, features The Cleaner, The Hellion, And Four Eyes

Killer7, one of 2005’s most well-received games on PlayStation 2 and GameCube is finally coming to PC. The developer announced the PC version of the game back in May 2018. Now NIS America has released a brand new trailer for the PC version of the game.

The trailer features the most likable characters of The Cleaner, The Hellion, and Four Eyes. Garcian Smith plays as the Cleaner, Dan Smith plays as The Hellion, and Kevin Smith acts as Four Eyes in the game.

According to the overview of the game by NIS America:

The game directly comes from the imagination and hard work of Suda51 directors and writers such as Hiroyuki Kobayashi and Shinji Mikami. The game is returning after 13 years but this time on PC. Players will witness a dark underground world swarming with assassins in a story of revenge, blood, and gore.

On, PC the game offers various new features including Multiple Personalities. Players will be able to control any of the 7 distinct personalities presented by Herman. Each of these personalities offers a different appearance, skills, special abilities, weapons, and choices.

In addition to this, players will face sinister and highly trained enemy organizations up against them in every challenging situation. The Heaven Smile is one of the biggest rivals of players in the game. Players will enjoy engaging in epic fire blazing action in both third and first-person shooting.

Moreover, there are tons of special abilities for the fans in Killer7 that they can utilize to eliminate the enemies. They not only help defeat the enemies but also help players solve puzzles. Not only that, the game itself is presented in a timeless visual style that captures your attention from the very start of the game until the end.

As described, the game does look amazing. Hopefully, fans will be able to enjoy it as much as they did on PS2 and GameCube in the past.

Check out the latest trailer of Killer7 for PC below.

Killer7 is set to release this fall via Steam for PC.

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