Kemono Friends Picross All Set To Release On Nintendo Switch Next Week In North American, Western, and Japanese Regions, It Also Comes With Both Picross and Mega Picross Puzzles

Kemono Friends Picross

Kemono Friends Picross is all set to release on Nintendo Switch in Europe, confirms the publisher Jupiter Corporation. It will release as a Nintendo eShop exclusive title. In addition, the game will also release on the same day and time in both the North American and Japanese regions.

Fans will be treated to this exquisite puzzle game on Nintendo Switch on October 4th, 2018. Kemono Friends Picross will set you back an amount of $9.99 in American Regions. In Japanese regions, fans will have to pay ¥1080 for a copy of the game.

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Additionally, according to the Publisher, Kemono Friends Picross is incompatible with Nintendo Switch’s touch screen. In addition, this means that the fans will be only able to play it via the Nintendo Switch controllers while in handheld mode.

The release of Kemono Friends Picross marks the first time that any game of this series has ever been released in the Western regions. The Kemono series started back in 2015 as a smartphone franchise. However, the services were closed in late 2016. Later on, another game for the same platform was released in 2018 named Kemono Friends Pavilion. This particular title attracted a number of western publishers and now, Kemono Friends Picross is going to finally release in Europe.

Jupiter Corporation, the publisher of Kemono Friends Picross are also the developers of the already popular and long running franchise of Picross series. The Picross series started back in 1995 and the first game was launched on Nintendo Game Boy. As Jupiter Corp. is going to release Kemono Friends Picross, it is being speculated that the game will offer some kind of cross play in near future for other platforms as well.

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Hopefully, if the game is popular enough in the future, it will somehow find its way to other gaming platforms as well. What are your thoughts on the news? Do let us know via the comments below.

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