Just Cause 4: Avalanche Studios Finally Reveals the Long Awaited Map

Just Cause 4 MAp

Avalanche Studios has finally revealed the new map for the much awaited Just Cause 4 video game. As part of the long-running Action and Adventure franchise, Just Cause 4 has the fans waiting to get their hands on the game.

As the new insight on the map suggests, it’s really huge and lets the players explore a new and vast open-world environment. The new map features new weather and environmental patterns such as tornadoes, snow blizzards, sand, and rain storms.

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Fans can check out the new Just Cause 4 map below. The new map features South America and focuses on the country of Solis. Fans will be treated to a totally new map divided into 4 new and distinct biomes. By the looks of the new map, its quite hard to guess if it will be bigger than the previous one. But, the huge area suggests that it’ll offer way more space to roam around.

Covering several mountainous regions, forests, green-lands, this map seems pretty big by the looks of it. As revealed on the Just Cause 4 website, the new map update is combined with some cool interactive features as well. These new features include interactive elements such as an Audio Prompt transmission to call backup and a new video tutorial. The tutorial lets you peek into the new map’s weather and environmental patterns.

Just Cause 4 was announced in an early press conference in the E3 2018 by Square Enix. Just Cause 4’s trailer was also released at the E3 letting fans know what the new sequel is packed with. All the new features unpredictable weather, environmental patterns and conditions, are sure to entertain the fans to the most. Rico Rodriguez, game’s protagonist was also seen traversing the game world in the trailer.


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