JLab Go Air Pop Review (2021)

JLab Go Air Pop


  • The JLab Go Air Pop offers great sound and sturdiness at a brilliant cost.


  • Flexible sound
  • Sweat and water-safe
  • Sufficient battery life
  • Implicit EQ settings
  • Minimal, smooth, and solid plan


  • Helpless call quality
  • No buddy application or additional elements
  • Touchy controls

JLab’s ubiquity has soared in the course of recent years. Hitting that perfect balance among moderate and profoundly useful, this American-based sound brand keeps on delivering probably the best modest remote earbuds available, including the all-new $20 Go Air Pop. Stand by a moment. Shockingly great $20 remote earbuds from a respectable name? That is right.


  1. Tones: Black, Lilac, Rose, Slate, Teal
  2. Battery life (evaluated): 8 hours, 32 hours (with charging case)
  3. Network: Bluetooth 5.1
  4. Processor: Not expressed
  5. Size: 0.9 x 1 x 0.9 inches (per bud), 2.4 x 1 x 1.6 inches (charging case)
  6. Weight: 0.1 ounces (per bud), 1 ounces (charging case)

Exactly when we thought the $25 Skullcandy Dime made a case for the best obvious remote worth, in comes this deal pearl with solid sound, consistent battery life, and a sturdy plan. Obviously, a MSRP this low presents compromises, which for this situation is terrible call quality and no buddy application with additional elements. Are these major issues? Peruse our full JLab Go Air Pop audit to discover.

JLab Go Air Pop

You can pre-request the JLab Go Air Pop for $20 from JLab, with delivery beginning in late August. It is sold in five tones: Black, Lilac, Rose, Slate, and Teal. You get an accusing instance of incorporated USB charging link, speedy beginning aide, and three unique sizes of ear tips with the buy.

We previously referenced the Skullcandy Dime, yet there are a few commendable contenders accessible at low value focuses, including the $80 Anker Soundcore Life P3 and energetic kin $99 JLab Epic Air Sport ANC, two generally welcomed models that accompany vivacious sound and commotion abrogation. There’s consistently the mainstream $159 Apple AirPods too.

In case you’re searching for as much as possible execution, look at the $249 AirPods Pro or $279 Sony WH-1000XM4, just as recently declared as Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, which costs $149.

For the entirety of the most recent remote earbuds deals, bookmark our best earphones bargains page.

JLab thoroughly understands building little, solid, and stylishly engaging buds. The Go Air Pop is the same, keeping up with the brand’s strong hued, moderate seeming plan while being contracted down 15% contrasted with past discharges.

These buds accompany IPX4 sweat and water obstruction and a body made out of hard plastic. All in all, these are some extreme in-ears that will not break when hitting the substantial or harm effectively when presented to dampness. The debossed logo serves as a couch cushion, as well.

JLab Go Air Pop

JLab additionally figured out how proportional down the charging case was. It is 40% lighter, tiny, and pocket-accommodating. The coolest component is the inherent USB link that is put away under the case, allowing you to accuse in a hurry viable gadgets or adornments. The attractive cover feels wobbly, yet I surmise something needed to give when representing cost. I would have wanted to see the case get IPX4 security too.

Solace is moderate. The buds lay delicately on the concha for around 2 hours before weakness sets in, and the sound port flawlessly embeds into the waterway. Fit is the place where I discovered a few issues, as the hole doesn’t shape to the inward piece of the ear just as some different models, bringing about detachment. Moreover, the silicone tips need a grasp and don’t shape a tight seal, which can influence sound execution (more on that later). I suggest buying the brand’s $10 Cloud Foam Mnemonic Universal Earbuds Tips for a safer fit.

Praise to JLab for programming a full set-up of media controls on such restricted equipment. You can oversee calls, playback, volume, EQ initiation, and computerized help at the tip of your finger. On-ear location for auto-stop/play didn’t take care of business.

The control conspire is remarkable, yet not the most solid, especially on the right bud. Play/stop (twofold tap) doesn’t react well to its appointed info and gets confused with volume up (single tap) just about 90% of the time. Multi-taps didn’t enlist well either, requiring a few endeavors to start up Siri/Google Assistant or cycle through the EQs.

JLab Go Air Pop

Talking about Apple and Google’s AI bots, both are cart in a hurry Air Pop. When working, they react rapidly to requests. JLab’s mics likewise exhibit extraordinary discourse acknowledgment. It’s getting the component to work appropriately. Oddly enough, these buds have some sort of glitch where undertakings can’t be executed if another program is being used. Models: My Google Pixel 3 XL wouldn’t execute the “Open Gmail” order while Spotify was being used and my MacBook Pro wouldn’t recognize me empowering Siri during Google Meet gatherings.

The Go Air Pop is scant on highlights, however, essentially it offers some sound personalization through EQ settings that don’t need a buddy application to empower. You can do this physically on either bud through the triple-tap signal. The three EQs on here are JLab Signature, Balanced, and Bass Boost, and everyone has been immeasurably improved from when the organization previously presented them on their prior manifestations.

JLab Signature is viewed as the lead between the three and suits most music kinds. I quickly saw the intensification in vocals and bass when changing to it, which supplemented the vivacious reverberation on Mary J Blige’s “Family Affair.” The irresistible catches thumped hard, and the sovereign’s sleek singing sparkled over the astounding creation. I was happy with the recurrence reaction too.

Changing to Balance gave nonpartisan sound, bringing about an equivalent blend of lows, mids, and highs. JLab proposes utilizing this preset for book recordings, webcasts, and traditional music, and I totally concur. The instrumental detachment and propagation on Ahmad Jamal’s “The Awakening” were heavenly and made them feel like I was sitting the first line at a live presentation at the Blue Note. Pop records likewise performed well, as displayed on the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way,” where the vocals were verbalized and fresh.

JLab Go Air Pop

Ultimately, there is Bass Boost, which is simple. This preset underlines the low end and gives some space for mids to inhale, however, highs are almost eliminated. Squeezing play on Busta Rhymes’ “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See,” that gigantic bassline bobbed hard off my eardrum and sent a flood of power through my body with each drum stroke. Since bass ruled the whole soundscape, the tambourine jingling behind the scenes scarcely had any presence.

Commotion disengagement is average because of ear tips not making a tight seal, which means surrounding clamor will sneak in during listening meetings. Dynamic commotion abrogation would have helped shut out and limit certain interruptions.

Codec support is restricted to AAC and SBC. No aptX, which would have further developed the sound transmission and award lossless sound when spilling from hello there fi stages like Tidal.

To get 8 hours of recess from a couple of $20 remote earbuds is outstanding. Everything being equal, it is around 7 hours when calculating in volume, streaming, and the EQ modes, however that is still more than both the standard AirPods and the AirPods Pro: 5 hours without ANC. I got around four days of moderate use (2 hours day by day) prior to throwing them in the charging case, which holds as long as 32 hours all out when completely energized.

The coordinated USB link is an amazing reward to have when you need to control up the buds at home or in an office setting; it’s essentially intended for charging on work areas and workstations. Simultaneously, you might have to keep a force connector with a USB association close by, should you need to charge through a divider outlet. Something else, the lone frustration here is the absence of remote charging.

I didn’t anticipate much from the call quality on these buds, yet nothing this awful. When accepting calls inside, there were a few objections from companions about my voice removing in and, alongside some muting. Outside was more awful on the grounds that the smallest surrounding commotion (generally wind) meddled with each discussion. My better half additionally grumbled about how I sounded empty now and again. Being in a totally peaceful room and talking boisterously was the solitary time she could understanding anything I said.

Peculiarly, the Go Air Pop performs much better on video calls. I do not understand why this is the situation, yet my experience during Zoom visits was agreeable, as relatives and customers commended the clearness and volume on my end.

I didn’t anticipate much from the call quality on these buds, yet nothing this awful. When accepting calls inside, there were a few objections from companions about my voice removing in and, alongside some suppressing. Outside was more regrettable on the grounds that the smallest surrounding commotion (generally wind) meddled with each discussion. My better half additionally whined about how I sounded empty now and again. Being in a totally tranquil room and talking noisily was the lone time she could understanding anything I said.

Oddly, the Go Air Pop performs much better on video calls. I do not understand why this is the situation, however, my experience during Zoom talks was charming, as relatives and customers adulated the clearness and volume on my end.

In better news: Bluetooth has consistently been a trademark for JLab and that hasn’t changed in a hurry Air Pop. Reach is promoted at 30 feet, however, it’s higher when utilizing the buds in generally open spaces: 35 feet max. Going from one space to another causes some dropout around the 25-foot mark. JLab’s Auto On and Connect innovation is as yet stunning, immediately paring to gadgets and changing starting with one perceived gadget then onto the next an easy assignment.

JLab Go Air Pop survey: Verdict

Had you disclosed to me that JLab anticipated dispatching much less expensive remote earbuds that would convey extraordinary usefulness in a smaller bundle, I would have called BS. All things considered, consider me persuaded in light of the fact that the Go Air Pop generally satisfies everyone’s expectations. The sound alone makes the buds worth claiming, because of appropriately designed EQs that match various sorts of content. Recesses are adequate for the entire day tuning in. Fabricate quality is on point also.

I had second thoughts about the controls and call quality prior to testing, two classifications that haven’t generally performed well on past JLab items, and my gut was correct. Except if you’re accepting video brings in a peaceful room, there is unpleasant to be had utilizing the Go Air Pop as a calling headset. The controls can be baffling to work also because of feeble touch precision.

The absence of provisions may wind down certain customers, however, what more would it be a good idea for you to anticipate from a couple of $20 remote earbuds? Precisely. Look past these downsides and you’ll track down the Go Air Pop is the best $20 you can spend at the present time.

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