Jane the Virgin Season 5 On Netflix – Coming back in January 2019

Jane the Virgin Season 5

Jane the Virgin is back in action for a 5th season next year. Jane the Virgin is a satirical romantic comedy series that is based on a Venezuelan telenovela called Juana la Virgen.

The last episode of the fourth season aired on 20 April, and since then fans are waiting for an update and news about Jane the Virgin season 5. Despite this show returning for the fifth time, there is a little sadness on the faces of their fans as this next season is going to be the last Jane The Virgin season. The lead star of this show, Gina confirmed this news herself. And said in an interview that she is planning to do more direction in the final season.

The series airs every week on CW. The fans of this show can also watch the entire episode on Netflix 24 hours later. All earlier seasons of this series have aired in the month of October, but season 5 is scheduled to be released after January 2019. One can watch all the previous 4 seasons on Netflix under 30 days of free trial.


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