Jade Raymond’s Haven Studios, is already working on a PlayStation Game


Jade Raymond‘s new pursuit, Haven Studios, is now chipping away at a PlayStation IP, as per a new blog entry.

More than 25 years, Raymond has worked for Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, and most as of late Google’s Stadia until it as of late shut down its studios recently. The blog entry joined the declaration of the new Haven Studios with the news that they are as of now chipping away at a Playstation IP.

The IP stays a secret, yet the blog consoled players that the group would “pull together on GAMES in where we can rehearse our artworks with no hindrances or obstructions.”

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After what she depicts as a “troublesome recent months”, Raymond developed her thinking for opening up a studio. “As I checked out my vocation in the course of the most recent couple of years,” she clarifies, ” and began to consider what to do straightaway, I arrived at a basic resolution: I need to return to what I love doing most, and do as such that gives our group the opportunity to investigate, rouse, and make.”

“I’m reporting Haven, an autonomous studio where a large number of the skilled game engineers I have worked with for quite a long time (and love sincerely!) are meeting up to do what we are generally energetic about.”

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Adjusting the post with a brisk clarification of the name Haven, Raymond clarified, “Together, we need to make games that are an asylum for players, and we need to construct a studio that is a sanctuary for engineers.”

Only a couple a long time after Stadia shut down their first-party studios, PlayStation has declared something of their own that will be shutting down in April this year. PlayStation Communities for the PS4 will be reaching a conclusion, as a feature of Sony’s continuous obligation to pushing ahead with the cutting edge PS5.

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