In 2019, Facebook Introducing Its Own Internet Satellite

In 2019, Facebook Introducing Its Own Internet Satellite

It is a difficult situation for people to use fiber optics to get the best internet speed. The situation gets weird by placing the instruments in the remote corner. As a result, people suffer from this situation by bearing the low speed of the internet. On the other side, the laying and placing of cables of the fiber optic are highly expensive.

Way to connect the offline area

Most of the companies are thinking to unveil a satellite that could connect the particular offline users. It is the best time for people to feel special that companies are preparing themselves to satisfy the requirements of consumers.

Facebook is the one to fix it

Facebook has made a little promise to develop its own satellite. At this moment, it has been revealed that Facebook targets to launch Athena, the name of its satellite. The objective of this current device is to provide access to the poor and underdeveloped areas in the world. On initial level, it is just an idea and isn’t developed yet. The company wants to give the coverage a real meaning.

As a commercial incentive

It can be the main fuel for investors. Underserved areas will be connected through this. Facebook may decide the customers can use the coverage without paying a single penny for it. It could also be a source of commercial incentive when the fresh user sees the ad. In this way, the users will also use other services like WhatsApp and Instagram. The access can give an advantage to millions of businesses.

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