One Punch Man Season 2: Air Date, Plot, Trailer, Characters and CD Drama Series

One Punch Man Season 2

One Punch Man fans are waiting for almost 2 years to watch the story of Saitama. A hit anime series that has become very popular all across the world. So finally, it was confirmed that season 2 of “One Punch Man” is underway, with the recent comic strip confirming an ongoing development of this series.

The fans will get further details about the upcoming season pretty soon. The upcoming event in Japan named “Maji Gakuensai” has been rumored of highlighting the first trailer of the 2nd season. This event will take place on 12 August. Whereas the release date for the second season is still unknown.

The Bandai Visuals has revealed that it’s releasing 4 new audio dramas based on the first season of this popular series of anime. As per reports, first of 4 audio CDs will be released in the month of September and can feature the original voice of Saitama & Genos, and every volume will include 2 fresh episodes that are based on bonus stories of anime’s manga origin. Still, not much is known about how such stories of every volume may play out, but it’s said that the first CD drama is based on “200 Yen” skit. Besides the audio drama, it’s also revealed that CDs may also include some new character songs. So, fans are hoping that next season of this anime series may arrive soon.


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