India’s biggest tournament, PUBG Mobile Campus Championship, with players from over 1000 colleges

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Tencent, the parent company of this popular game, has recently announced that PUBG Mobile Championship will be held in India. In partnership with Oppo Smartphone, the tournament is going to run for one month from September 26 – October 21. Winners can snag their winnings from the total prize of 50 lakh INR.

What is the competition all about?

The company has recently partnered with Oppo India for bringing ‘PUBG Mobile Championship 2018’ in India, where PUBG players from 1000 colleges all over the country may compete to win the prizes worth INR 50 lakh and also get scholarships.

PUBG Mobile Campus 2018 Championship will feature teams of the college students from over 1000 colleges in 30 Indian cities. This tournament is going to be live-streamed on the social media networks, and finals will happen in Bangalore. In the finals, various awards will be given which are as follows:

  • MVP – a top player with the maximum MVPs
  • The executioner – player with the maximum kills
  • The Medic – A person with the highest revives
  • The Redeemer –Person who has majority health restored
  • The Rampage Freak –One who does maximum kills in the lobby.
  • The Lone Ranger – The longest survivor

Bottom Line

After going through several rounds of elimination, around 20 teams will battle in the end for this grand prize. You just have to participate in a squad of 4 PUBG players from a college and you are good to start.


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