Amazon Prime adds vintage TV shows, Fortnite introduces two new Weapons and 1 day left for San Diego Comic-Con

Amazon Prime Video 2018

It is the exciting year of 2018 which has something for everyone no matter what you like.

Amazon Prime revealed a whole package

Majority of people see certain things exclusively on Amazon Prime. The time has begun to stimulate people. Amazon Prime has made an effort to delight many of its customers by providing the whole package. People who have seen some things on another site will have access to enjoy those things. Now Amazon will add some past tv shows with services of streaming. It will also show some children movies such as A Cinderella Story.

Amazon Prime Video

What’s new about the Fortnite SMG Update?

Fortnite has come up with a new gun. There are two weapons in the updated version. The submachine weapon is offered in Battle Royale. Players also have access to the Submachine weapon. There are also various new elements added to this Fortnite 5.0 update.

Fortnite SMG Update

Guide to the most wanted Shows

San Diego Comic-Con 2018 will start this Sunday. It will be exciting for all the admirers to meet the creators and casts of their favorite shows.  The casts may belong to comic books, TV shows or movies. People have already watched the trailer for Titans. On the other side, it will be stimulating to get news about new episodes for The Clone Wars. In a nutshell, it will be high time to think what people desire to watch at Comic-Con.

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