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Unless you are a bounty hunter, crime does not pay. From the mayhem-filled roads of this future at which criminal gangs principle and cops fear to tread, just the bounty hunters can spare the town by the corrupt fist of a felony. Lay waste and create a killing in this action-comedy arcade shot that was hard-boiled. Three Bounty Hunters to perform Anna Conda, Ex-commando, and specialist. A loose-cannon trained to assassinate with no mercy or question. Particular forces cop who left the law behind, john Sawyer. This scarred veteran has dropped a lot of limbs in battle he is a half of the robot. Modified recon droid, mow Man, enabled and stolen with software. Bodies for cold hard cash.

Huntdown Pre-Installed Game

Hand-painted 16-bit pixel art images and hand-drawn animations together with fluid action-packed 60-FPS gameplay and an epic synthesized soundtrack. Bounty to accumulate and 20 amounts, Gritty cityscapes to wash, each using their gang boss to complete. Gangs to goal violent, feral punks winning the group warfare with the government. Misconducts, hockey hooligans that are coordinated, specialists in a robbery, and extortion using a penchant for explosives. The Heatseekers, bike club that is murderous. All these rockabilly villains design themselves around the centurions of Ancient Rome. NO.1 Suspects, masters of the discipline, and organized crime. Martial arts specialists, these psychopaths that are glossy restrain through nightclubs and their casinos. Confiscate machine firearms , laser weapons, katanas, grenades and much more, and flip them onto their owners. Stab, burst and shoot your way through swathes of both supervisors and gangs and collect your own school.


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