Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6 Review (2021)

Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6 Review (2021)

Huawei has dispatched new MatePad gadgets fueled by the HarmonyOS working framework, and the MatePad Pro 12.6 is Huawei’s most exceptional tablet, and subsequently the most intriguing model of the 2021 setup.

At a significant level, this is a contender for gadgets like the iPad Pro or the Galaxy Tab S7+. As a fringe registering stage (notwithstanding your PC and telephone), it works best in case you are as of now put resources into the Huawei environment as it cooperates in further developed manners with Huawei’s different gadgets.

For instance, this tablet can transform into an impressive “portraying cushion” for a Huawei PC or transform into a 12.6″ optional PC screen. Obviously, information sharing, record sharing, or even console sharing (utilize the PC’s console to type on the tablet) are motivating forces to remain inside the Huawei environment.


The tablet is worked around an excellent 12.6-inch OLED show (2560×1600) that addresses 90% of the whole front surface of the gadget. It looks almost borderless and gives a vivid encounter that allows you to zero in on the undertaking, or diversion, within reach.

MatePad Pro 12.6

The shading exactness has a delta-E of 0.5, which implies that shading proliferation is amazing to the natural eye (beneath d-E 2.0 the vast majority can’t see the distinction). OLED shows additionally include genuine dark and madly high difference proportions (1M to 1 for this situation), so watching dim motion pictures in a faintly lit room yields a fabulous encounter.

The showcase quality additionally makes it an incredible stage to introduce Creative work in the manner in which it was expected to be seen, and any individual who makes introductions requiring great illustrations could profit with this sort of value (engineering, style, plan, and then some).

Plan and figure stage

The body configuration is perfect, with a load of 609g and a thickness of just 6.7 mm. Indeed, even with the discretionary console and pen, the entire bundle is pleasant to convey in your grasp or pack.

The console case utilizes solid magnets to hold the tablet, and the showcase can be situated at two unique points. The console keys are firm, and the key activity is even a bit clicky and plainly one of the more lovely encounters I’ve had with folio consoles. The 1.3mm travel distance is amazing given how meager the console is.


The console keys surface is matte and doesn’t get the fingers’ oil by any means. It is one detail that separates between a modest material and a costly one like we have here. I’m especially delicate to the console quality since I type a great deal. You will not be baffled by this console.

Inside, the tablet is controlled by a Kirin 9000E processor. It is a subsidiary of the Kirin 9000 (non-E) processor, and the fundamental contrast between the two is the execution of the design of the E form, which is about 27% lower than the non-E model.

This decision of processor makes the MatePad Pro 12.6 somewhat underpowered contrasted with Samsung’s Tab S7+ ($849) and its Snapdragon 865 designs execution. Furthermore, both of these are well behind the Apple M1 iPad Pro 12.9 ($1199).

When utilizing the MatePad Pro 12.6, the tablet’s UI feels amazingly quick and responsive. That is a demonstration of the work that Huawei has placed into its HarmonyOS illustrations interface. Generally speaking UI speed and ease are practically identical to an iPad Pro and better than most Android tablets we’ve utilized.


I discovered the Harmony UI Service Widgets and base Dock to be entirely usable. They exploit the enormous tablet show design, which was consistently a flimsy spot of Android, which is as yet a telephone first UI.

The control board is not difficult to explore and possesses the perfect measure of screen land. That is obviously superior to the ChromeOS control board, for example.HarmonyOS additionally takes into consideration up to four applications to show up on the screen all the while, yet for me, a couple of applications across a split-screen are ordinarily enough.

I’m no architect, yet I love the Huawei M-Pencil electronic pen mechanical plan, generally feel, and responsiveness. The pen has a slight space that makes it entirely stable in your fingers and doesn’t “roll” or slide when you’re utilizing it. That is an issue that I catch often with numerous E-Pen as their surface is entirely round and dangerous.

The responsiveness and speed are incredibly useful for note-taking, and it’s fundamentally at where there’s no perceptible slack (just 9ms as per Huawei) that disrupts the general flow.

It currently boils down to how great the pen-driven applications are, and the default Nebo application is alright for that reason, however, its underlying motions slammed into my doodling. Whenever I drew a container or a cross shape, they were deciphered as motions.

I’m no architect, so I don’t know how great the tablet would be for Creative use yet the specs look awesome: 4096 pressing factor levels and slant backing ought to give the innovative establishment to an incredible drawing or composing experience.

Sound Quality

Huawei gadgets regularly have an incredible sound framework, and the 8-speakers sound framework is mind boggling. The sound quality is phenomenal, with the sound having an extraordinary body and an incredible spatial part.

MatePad Pro 12.6


It’s astounding to have this sort of value and force in a little case. It’s difficult to tell “where” the sound is coming from. That is on the grounds that it’s coming from “all over” as speakers are available at all edges of the gadget.

This tablet sounds better and has more remarkable sound than workstations that are ordinarily its volume. That is inconceivable!

Camera framework

The notepad Pro 12.6 camera framework acquires numerous qualities from Huawei’s cell phone in sight, and all things considered, it is a lot better than any conventional PC camera. The back camera framework likewise has devoted zoom and ultrawide modules, actually like present-day telephones. I bet that it would admission very well in our CAMERA HW benchmark.

Regardless of whether it is the back or front camera frameworks, Windows or Mac PCs can’t coordinate with this degree of value. It isn’t close by anyone’s standards. You would look much better during video calls, and this reminds us how a long way behind the PC business has fallen.

Battery life

The 10,050 mAh battery limit of the MatePad Pro 12.6 is reliable with significant contenders. It tends to be charged at 40W by means of the USB-C port or at 27W through an adequately amazing remote cushion. Invert remote charging is likewise accessible in the event that you need to charge little gadgets.

The notepad Pro 12.6 has a brilliant battery life and can arrive at 15 hours of video playback, contingent upon the screen’s splendor. Autonomous audits show that it has higher battery perseverance than the Samsung Tab S7+ in these tests.

I speculate that is on the grounds that Samsung’s tablet has a higher presentation goal (2800×1752) and a higher showcase revive rate (120Hz versus 60Hz). All things considered, a large portion of these tablet stages have adequate battery life to decrease clients’ battery uneasiness, so I don’t anticipate that this should be an influencing factor.


Programming is presumably THE most urgent influence factor for this gadget. The notepad Pro 12.6 sudden spikes in demand for HarmonyOS and doesn’t approach the Google App store or Google administrations like Gmail, and so forth

Just a portion of the Android applications individuals know about are accessible on the Huawei AppGallery. Huawei pulled out all the stops working with engineers to have their applications accessible on its foundation, however, application inclusion actually needs development.

MatePad Pro 12.6

For instance, famous applications like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Finance, Authy, Kakao, Nine emails,s and more are not accessible in the Huawei AppGallery.

Huawei works with the “sideloading” of these applications by giving direct connections to destinations like APKPure, however, this can put off numerous clients as they don’t have the foggiest idea or trust these application sources. Sideloading alludes to introducing applications outside of the Appstore, and individuals do it on Android as well.

I introduced the Facebook and Youtube applications from that point, yet I would prefer to see large numbers of these applications coming from Huawei’s store straightforwardly.

You can peruse the Huawei AppGallery from your program to perceive what’s accessible, check what’s going on with Apkpure, and read the client surveys of that assistance on Trustpilot or Quora.

In case you’re as of now put resources into Huawei’s biological system or couldn’t care less about Google administrations since you don’t utilize them, your circumstance would be totally not the same as somebody coming from another stage.

The Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6 is a tablet that includes a brilliant equipment plan, and the general look and feel of the tablet are impeccable. This is a staging choice. In case you are alright with the application choice, you won’t be disillusioned by the MatePad Pro experience.

There is an additional usefulness motivation for individuals who effectively own other Huawei gadgets like PCs and telephones, as these gadgets would turn out to be more than the number of their parts.

In any case, the MatePad Pro 12.6 faces hardened contests from Samsung and Apple. The Galaxy S7+ 12.4″ costs $849.99 and offers basically a similar kind of execution. Then again, the iPad M1 has better at a comparable value level. I anticipate that the iPad should lead in superior figuring applications like video altering.

It’s incredible to see such fierce rivalry in the tablet space, and the MatePad Pro 12.6 remaining parts are one of the forces to be reckoned with in case you’re alright with changing to HarmonyOS. It very well may be a daunting task to make that OS a more standard stage, yet such a gadget makes that OS that much enticing.

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