Easy Ways to Find Recipes and Craft Them in Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest XI Recipe

Dragon Quest XI is the eleventh installment in the Dragon Quest video game series where players are out in the open world to explore high areas and fight against the various monsters that come in between. The game is based on the fantasy world called Erdrea. The games are supported by the Unreal Engine. The game is available for all the players using PS4, PS3 as well as Nintendo Switch.

Guide to Find Recipes in Dragon Quest XI

Recipes help in crafting some nifty gears. Once you get the recipes they will be featured in the forge menu automatically and from there you can craft it. But for finding recipes it is necessary to explore various unexpected locations. Recipes which are crafted help in saving money and updating equipments. One way to find recipes is to search for a red book when you enter a different town. These books will be available at bookshelves, containing information or complete recipes itself. Other than this you can get them as rewards for finishing sidequests. Lastly, you can find recipes in treasure chests placed randomly around the land. In order to craft it, find material which can be located on the map, often placed in a shiny spot and from there you can grind it to make a powerful recipe.

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