How to enable Xbox availability components to get shut captions, a magnifier, and more


Video games are further developed than any time in recent memory. And keeping in mind that that implies greater games and a better control center, it additionally implies that a ton of gamers are abandoned.

That is the reason an ever increasing number of organizations are putting resources into openness apparatuses. These devices are intended for gamers with inabilities and assist them with appreciating games without limitations.

One control center that has a wide scope of available devices is the Xbox. Both the Xbox Series X/S and the Xbox One have an assortment of provisions that make gaming available.

Here’s the beginning and end to think about the Xbox’s availability highlights, including why they’re made and how to empower them.

Why Xbox offers openness highlights

In its 2020 yearly report, the Entertainment Software Association tracked down that 46 million individuals who play computer games have some sort of incapacity or require the utilization of assistive innovation.

However, the business actually has far to go as far as expanded openness, as indicated by Ian Hamilton, a board individual from IGDA-GASIG, a promotion bunch pointed toward eliminating the obstructions to better availability in gaming.

“We’re not yet at the stage when it very well may be accepted that even the fundamentals — captions, remapping, text size, partial blindness, impact power — will be covered, not to mention where we truly should be, the place where anybody can get any game and have a sensible assumption that they will not be superfluously locked out,” Hamilton said.

By remembering these components for the Xbox, Microsoft is serving a local area of gamers that is both unimaginably huge and generally ignored. It’s a significant advance in ensuring that computer games are for everybody, not simply the individuals who can play them impeccably

Gamers disclose to Insider that with regards to obliging players with the largest scope of inabilities, from hear-able, visual, and actual debilitation, Microsoft — the parent organization of Xbox — is in front of the lay on a few fronts.

Since Microsoft appeared as its regulator and extra frill, the organization has gone above and beyond. Last year, they reported the Xbox Accessibility Guidelines, which frameworks better interactivity settings for players with inabilities.

The Game Reliability Engineering group and the Gaming Accessibility Team additionally now offer an “industry-first, the stage gave game availability testing program,” as indicated by Xbox, that urges designers to have their games assessed and tried before discharge.

Microsoft has ensured that the two control centers and PCs have underlying settings available to all players, including a bigger set-up of availability adornments.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller, envisioned here, is worked to “address the issues of gamers with restricted versatility.” Microsoft/Xbox

The most effective method to empower openness highlights on an Xbox

To change the openness highlights on your Xbox Series X/S or Xbox One, you’ll initially have to open your gadget’s Settings menu.

In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea where to discover it, utilize your regulator to choose My games and applications, then, at that point look through the application menu.

You can likewise discover it by squeezing the Xbox button on your regulator and exploring to Profile and System board. When you discover the Settings alternative, select it with your regulator.

After you’ve opened Settings, utilize your regulator to look down to the Ease of Access menu. From here, you can alter your openness settings.


The Narrator will describe on-screen and in-game content for you. You can empower it from the Ease of Access menu.

1. In the Ease of Access menu, select Narrator.

The Xbox straightforward entry menu, with the Narrator choice featured.

You can empower the Narrator to have text on the screen read to you. Ron Lyons Jr./Insider

2. Utilize your regulator to choose the Narrator on an alternative. In the event that the case is checked, Narrator is empowered; if the case is unchecked, it implies the Narrator is wound down.

3. Whenever you’ve empowered Narrator, you can modify different components related to it. Move your cursor to the Narrator alternatives field. This will allow you to change the Narrator’s voice, volume, and pitch, among different alternatives. Pick the settings that best suit your requirements.

The Xbox’s Ease of Access menu, with the Narrator alternatives shown.

The Narrator can have an assortment of voices. Chrissy Montelli/Insider

To wind down the Narrator on or rapidly while playing, press and hold the Xbox button until it vibrates, and afterward select the Menu button.


The Magnifier is basically a computerized amplifying glass; it focuses in on explicit pieces of the screen so that they’re simpler to see.

1. In the Ease of Access menu, select Magnifier.

2. Utilize your regulator to choose the Magnifier on alternative. In the event that the container is checked, the Magnifier is empowered; if the case is unchecked, it implies the Magnifier is wound down.

3. To become familiar with the Magnifier and how to utilize it, select Controller alternate ways.

A Xbox’s Ease of Access menu with the Magnifier alternatives showed.

The Magnifier is raised for clients who have hell seeing the screen. Chrissy Montelli/Insider

Of course, you can turn the Magnifier on during ongoing interaction by squeezing and holding the Xbox button until it vibrates, and afterward choosing View. You would then be able to utilize the triggers to zoom in and out, and the right stick to container around the screen.

Assuming you, fast tap the Xbox button twice, you can continue playing with an amplified screen.

with captions, you definitely realize what shut inscribing is. In any case, for the unenlightened: shut inscribing is an on-screen record of what’s being said during a video or game, so watchers can get what’s going on regardless of whether they can’t hear everything.

  • In the Ease of Access menu, select Closed subtitling or simply Captioning.
  • Select “Inscribing” to set your in-game inscriptions. Ron Lyons Jr./Insider
  • To empower shut subtitling in your gadget’s default style, select On utilizing default style. To empower shut subtitling and modify its components, select On utilizing custom style.

On the off chance that you’ve decided to modify your shut subtitle style, you’ll see a wide range of choices show up on your screen in drop-down menus. Utilize your regulator to choose the settings you need.

The Xbox’s Ease of Access menu, with the Captioning alternatives showed.

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