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How to empower FPS Boost on Xbox Series X and Series S

Xbox Series X

Your Xbox Series X or S console is totally stacked with power. To such an extent that the control center can make more established games look far superior with the expansion of more edges. Here’s the way to empower FPS Boost.

What is FPS Boost?

FPS Boost exploits the crude force accessible on the cutting edge control center to practically twofold the first framerate on select titles. Higher framerates mean rich smooth ongoing interaction!

Aftermath 4 – displayed in the video above – successfully has its framerate multiplied from 30 edges each second to 60 casings each second gratitude to FPS Boost.

In certain cases, titles can even approach 120 casings each second! Check the rundown beneath to perceive what’s viable.

The most effective method to tell if FPS Boost is empowered

A few titles have not had FPS Boost naturally empowered of course, as it requires a decrease in the game’s goal to run as planned.

You can turn on FPS Boost for these titles in the Manage Game>Compatibility Options segment of any upgraded title. There you can likewise flip Auto HDR to off or on.

To tell in case you’re running either FPS Boost or Auto HDR in game, you can tap the Xbox Button on your regulator to see the marker in the upper-right hand corner of the Guide overlay.

The most effective method to empower FPS Boost on your Xbox Series X or Series S

Empowering FPS Boost is simple:

  • While in-game, tap the Xbox button on your regulator;
  • Select the game you’re playing/need to empower FPS Boost for;
  • Look down and tap “Oversee game and additional items” menu;
  • In the Manage game screen, look down and open the “Similarity choices” menu;
  • Switch FPS Boost and additionally Auto HDR on and off;
  • Restart your game for the progressions to produce results.

Look at the bit by bit measure in real life:

Which games support FPS Boost on Xbox Series X and Series S?

As of July 2021, there are 98 games right now empowered for FPS Boost on both Xbox Series X and Series S.

This is what you can play:

Outsider Isolation 60hz 60hz

Anthem 60hz Not Available

Professional killer’s Creed III Remastered 60hz 60hz

Professional killer’s Creed Rogue Remastered 60hz 60hz

Professional killer’s Creed The Ezio Collection 60hz 60hz

Professional killer’s Creed Unity 60hz 60hz

Fight Chasers: Nightwar 120hz 120hz

War zone 1 120hz Not Available

Front line 4 120hz 120hz

Front line Hardline 120hz 120hz

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Front line V 120hz Not Available

Onlooker Complete Edition 60hz 60hz

Dim Souls III 60hz 60hz

Dead Island Definitive Edition 60hz Not Available

Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition 60hz Not Available

Deus Ex Mankind Divided 60hz 60hz

Earth 4 120hz Not Available

Shamed – Definitive Edition 60hz 60hz

Shamed: Death of the Outsider 60hz 60hz

Try not to Starve: Giant Edition 120hz 120hz

Winged serpent Age: Inquisition 60hz 60hz

Prison Defenders II 60hz 60hz

Kicking the bucket Light 60hz Not Available

Aftermath 4 60hz 60hz

Aftermath 76 60hz 60hz

Long ways 4 60hz 60hz

Long ways 5 60hz 60hz

Long ways New Dawn 60hz 60hz

Long ways Primal 60hz 60hz

Pinion wheels of War 4 60hz 60hz

Golf with your Friends 120hz 120hz

Radiance Wars 2 60hz 60hz

Radiance: Spartan Assault 120hz 120hz

Empty Knight: Voidheart Edition 120hz 120hz

Homefront: The Revolution 60hz 60hz

Hyperscape 120hz 120hz

Island Saver 120hz 120hz

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham 60hz 60hz

LEGO Jurassic World 60hz 60hz

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 60hz 60hz

LEGO Marvel Superheroes 120hz 60hz

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers 120hz 60hz

LEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens 60hz 60hz

LEGO The Hobbit 120hz 60hz

LEGO The Incredibles 60hz 60hz

LEGO Worlds 60hz Not Available

Life is Strange 60hz 60hz

Life is Strange 2 60hz Not Available

Rulers of the Fallen 60hz 60hz

Distraught Max 120hz 60hz

Metro 2033 Redux 120hz 120hz

Metro: Last Light Redux 120hz 120hz

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst 120hz Not Available

Beast Energy Supercross 3 60hz 60hz

MotoGP 20 Not Available 60hz

Moving Out 120hz 120hz

My Friend Pedro 120hz 120hz

My Time at Portia 60hz 60hz

New Super Lucky’s Tale 120hz 120hz

Overcooked! 2 120hz 120hz

Paladins 120hz 120hz

Plants versus Zombies Garden Warfare 120hz 120hz

Plants versus Zombies Garden Warfare 2 120hz 120hz

Plants versus Zombies: Battle for Neighborville 120hz 120hz

Force Rangers: Battle for the Grid 120hz 120hz

Prey 60hz 60hz

Domain Royale 120hz 120hz

ReCore 60hz 60hz

Ocean of Solitude 60hz 60hz

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition 60hz 60hz

Shadow Warrior 2 60hz Not Available

Resting Dogs Definitive Edition 60hz 60hz

SMITE 120hz 120hz

Expert rifleman Elite 4 60hz 60hz

STAR WARS Battlefront 120hz 120hz

STAR WARS Battlefront II 120hz Not Available

Steep Not Available 60hz

Very Lucky’s Tale 120hz 120hz

SUPERHOT 120hz 120hz

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition 60hz 60hz

The Evil Within 2 (PsychoBreak 2 in Japan) 60hz 60hz

The Gardens Between 120hz 60hz

The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame 60hz 60hz

The LEGO Movie Videogame 120hz 120hz

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Titanfall 120hz Not Available

Titanfall 2 120hz 120hz

Tom Clancy’s The Division 60hz 60hz

Burial chamber Raider: Definitive Edition 60hz 60hz

Absolutely Reliable Delivery Service 120hz 120hz

Two Point Hospital 60hz 60hz

UFC 4 60hz 60hz

Unwind 2 120hz 120hz

Uncontrollable Heroes 120hz 120hz

Untitled Goose Game 120hz 120hz

No man’s land 3 60hz 60hz

Guard dogs 2 60hz 60hz

Watch_Dogs 60hz 60hz

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life 60hz 60hz

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What is Xbox All Access from Telstra?

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Get in on the activity

In the event that you don’t have Xbox All Access yet, this moment is an extraordinary opportunity to get together with the most recent age Xbox Series X and Series S consoles.

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