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Horizons Gate is a RPG Game, Adventure and Strategy game for the PC Released by Rad Codex at. Prepare for the sail!

Horizons Gate PC Game Overview:

Set sail to discover the mystery. Face your enemies or around the lands.

Horizon’s Gate is a fine mix of open-world exploration. The course system in this sport was further refined from the preceding two — you can find far more courses to select from, and also the abilities are a little compact (down to 5 per per course ). This enables there to be many alternatives for great team compositions, not only whatever is in the base of the ability shrub . You’ll get some flexibility there are things that allow characters to include one skill in the class that is unselected.
A ship battle system was added for the game — after you receive a cannon in your boat, you should begin combating local, mad wildlife or other boats — symbolizing one of four countries on the map, or even pirates. It is possible to join one of the countries for an extra improvement track, and you’re able to keep a friendship or even enmity with a few advantage and drawback to every decision, with each.
For those areas you may get that aren’t cities: a few have a light, procedural creation (there are a few kinds of areas which have random creatures ), a few are carefully-tuned combat experiences, and a few are little neat regions with environmental connections.

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Features of Horizons Gate:

  • fun turn-based combat – like final fantasy tactics lite
  • tinkering with skills, characters, and party organization
  • open world
  • trading isn’t too complex


Minimum System Requirements:

  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 2 GB available space

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