Here Are Some Big Changes Heading Your Way In The New Battlefield 5 Open Beta

Battlefield 5 Open beta is kicking start from 6th September 2018. All the Subscribers of Origin Access and those who pre-ordered this masterpiece, will have Open Beta access on Sep 4th. The open Beta will remain open until Sep 11th.

The new open beta is going to offer way more than what we saw in the Closed Beta version. Not just that, you’ll find a number of new changes that are inspired by some of the past beta tests.

According to EA, in the Arctic Fjord map, Rotterdam is going to join the game as seen in the trailer. In addition, Conquest mode will also be available on both of these maps as well as on the Arctic Fjord. Fans will also be treated to a chance to enjoy the Grand Operation straight for two days after the Battlefield 5 Open Beta release.

Teams will be able to play multiple matches in Battlefield 5’s version of the popular Battlefield 1 operations. Furthermore, the Fall of Norway Grand Operation will also be included in the Open Beta. It will include the new Airborne mode. If you are excited to know more about the upcoming Open Beta and its contents, check it out here.

According to the Multiplayer producer of Battlefield 5 David Sirland, there are tons of new changes coming to the game. He has recently posted a list on the Battlefield forum. According to Sirland, the new changes might not seem a big deal to most of the fans if they haven’t played the earlier beta versions. However, there are lots of new changes on the way to the game.

To sum it all up, all the Battlefield 5 fans will be treated to new things such as the ability to hide the HUD, modifications to gunplay, new UI updates, modifications to the individual weapons, etc.

The release of Battlefield 5 has been pushed a little bit further than the previously announced dates. It’s now confirmed that the game will be launching on November 20th.


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